Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

Month: July 2019

As per the new guidelines adopted by the border officials since 2012, they advise the commercial airlines to interrupt the nationals from visa-exempt countries on the assumption that they will remain in Canada permanently with an intention to work and study in the country without proper visas.... Read More
The executive director of the Canadian Council for Refugees, Janet Dench, states that those in migration holding centers get a sufficient amount of food and water but have the amenities are limited. They do not have internet access and restricted phone calls access. Due to this, it can be rather tough for them to get in touch with others for getting the necessary legal documents.... Read More
The employers need to come up with suitable mechanisms, policies, and procedure to address situation related to workplace abuse. It will include complaint policies, protocols, dispute resolution mechanisms, investigation an employee representative, anonymous hotlines, employee counseling, and much more. ... Read More
Barr also indicated that the department, by preventing the meritless claims for the asylum and by not giving priority to the applications of those people who could have got protection in a third country, ensures that the refugees who do not have any option other than the asylum relief of the US, or those subjected to extreme trafficking, obtain quick relief.... Read More
Trump himself appeared optimistic and stated that what the Senate is working on is humanitarian aid for children. He also mentioned that if the Senate and the House get together, they would be able to do something really good.... Read More
The most likely scenario is that U.S. officials would stay adamant on imposing tariffs to force Mexico into signing the safe third party treaty. If that happens, Mexico will have to opt for a ‘regional strategy’ where they need to convince countries such as Panama, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras and a few other Latin American nations to follow similar agreements – all these countries will have to accept refugees who enter their borders first. ... Read More