USA Visitor Visa popularly known as B2 Visa is a tourist visa to US. This non-immigrant visa is issued to any foreign citizen who wants to visit US temporarily for tourism, medical treatment, pleasure, visiting family, children, friends, or relatives, attending family functions, special events, or ceremonies. People who qualify […]

Canada, 2nd December: Hopeful Announcements on Canada Immigration were made for 2017. Several key Canada immigration proposals were announced. Hopeful Announcements on Canada Immigration– Hopeful Announcements on Canada Immigration were made by Canada government. These Canada immigration developments will be effective from the Fall Economic Statement. “Hopeful Announcements on Canada […]

London–One of the largest search engines and internet service providers of the world, Google has plans to introduce the WiFi services throughout the world. Internet search leader Google is preparing to launch its own wireless Internet service, Google WiFi, according to several pages found on the company’s Web site on […]

MUMBAI: Abhishek Bachchan says he enjoyed every moment of his comic role as a frazzled gynaecologist in Salaam Namaste and insists it should not be labelled a guest appearance. “I had great fun doing the part. It was quite a change from everything I’ve done so far,” says the star. […]

Yesterday, we covered a story describing how a non-descript town in Manitoba has been able to attract immigrants and how the local administration has helped them get suitable jobs or set up industries. The place has lowest immigrant-return-rate in Canada If you have missed it, read it here   […]