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Good news for Tech workers! Canada Is Welcoming Tech Workers As Immigrants

At one side where USA has made its entry narrower for the Immigrating tech workers, Canada on the other side, and contrary to the US style, has opened its doors wider for the same. Thus immigrating to Canada for tech jobs instead of going to the US has become easier than before. The recent changes have been brought about by the change in the US government.

Now Canada welcomes tech workers as immigrants!


Why things changed in the US- and US making Immigration of Tech workers difficult

Things started changing after the US government started imposing stricter norms for immigrants. A huge portion of the skilled workers and tech workers in the US were from the talented countries of South Korea, India, Canada, and China. And the movement of immigrating from these and many other Asian countries have always been there until the changed policies dropped the number of skilled and talented tech immigrants from 87% to 58% in a short period.

The reason is the eagle eye verification and approval process of the H1B visa, which is now barring many tech workers from entering the country and getting placed in deserving tech programs and roles. In fact, US immigrants have been subjected to much abuse etc, during their attempts to immigrate or get the H1B.

Canada’s bright role in easing tech placements for immigrants

Canada is playing a vital and bright role here in this economic and political scenario. The most important role is played by the economic development minister of Ontario, Brad Duguid. He says, Canada is welcoming tech workers as immigrants, and also welcoming US citizens along with other country’s people. They are doing so to fill up deserving positions in their tech start-ups which are booming now.

This is a new and experimental step by Canada, which has instantly started showing great results. Amongst the US immigrants coming to Canada, 34% are Canadians itself. This is a big success. However, the success of projects and capital investments at Silicon Valley stays high giving a neck to neck competition with this new policy of Canada. But, there are good reasons for Canada to succeed which are as follows:

  • Low cost of living compared to the US
  • Thoughtfully devised plans for tax saving, subsidies and government grants for the tech entrepreneurs.

Along with that, the diversity of lifestyle and culture, in the leading Canadian cities like Ontario, is an added advantage to start a new life there, after immigrating to the country as a tech worker.



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