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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Immigration Program: How to Apply for the Same

This is a 3-year immigration program that is employer-driven. It aims at attracting and retaining global talent along with supporting population growth as well as addressing the labor shortages. 

The program will let about 2000 extra immigrants along with their families migrate to the four Atlantic Provinces, which is a key feature of the Atlantic Growth Strategy as well as the New Brunswick Economic Growth Plan. The government staff of the province will help the local employers to identify, hire and support the foreign workers. The Federal Government will select the successful candidates for permanent residency.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Immigration Program
Atlantic Immigration Pilot Immigration Program: How to Apply for the Same

The designation criteria for the employers interested in taking part in this Pilot are:

  • The employer is well established and so is his business.
  • The employer wishes to hire non-seasonal and full-time international candidates;
  • The employer is ready to fulfill the settlement needs of the international candidate(s) and his family members.
  • The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project (Pilot) focuses on the recruitment of temporary workers who are already in the province and international student who have graduated from Atlantic Canadian post-secondary Institutions recently.

In case you are eligible to apply for the Pilot Program, you might be eligible to even apply for a work permit of 1-year.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Immigration Program
Atlantic Immigration Pilot Immigration Program: How to Apply for the Same

In order to qualify for the temporary work permit, you should:

  • have a job offer in an Atlantic province from a designated employer;
  • have a full-time job offer which is not seasonal; 
  • have a Referral Letter which has been issued by any of the 

Atlantic Provinces, asking us to issue a work permit;

  • have an offer of employment number (LMIA-exemption number) from the employer;
  • be ready to apply for permanent residency within 90 days of submission of the work permit application;
  • Give a copy of any approved language test;
  • show that you have the required education and the qualifying work experience; and
  • meet other requirements needed to apply for a work permit.
  • Temporary work permits for spouses/common-law partners

Your spouse/common law partner can also apply for an open work permit in case your job is listed in the 2016 National Occupation Classification (NOC) as Skill Type 0, or Skill Level A, B or C.

Some designated employers have to work with the Province in order to recruit internationally.

  • The pre-screened applicants will be met and interviewed by the Employers in many pre-determined locations depending on the requirements of the Employer.
  • The events of recruitment will be linked to particular sectors as well as skill sets that are in demand In New Brunswick. Only those who are in specific sectors are encouraged to register for this program.
  • Foreign nationals who are interested in applying for permanent residency under this Pilot Program are encouraged to track the Provincial website for upcoming international recruitment activities.


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