Apart from Australia’s living standards or weather or adventurous activities, Australia also is famous for its Master’s program. Many aspirants want to come to Australia for its Masters as Australian universities provide a wide range of courses and the industrial training is comprehensive as it helps aspirants in getting a […]

With all going on with the immigration policies regarding H-1B visas, one the effect is on the rejection rate which is increasing and reached up to 50% and secondly the IT firms which sponsored the H-1B visa holder are now reluctant to sponsor as first they don’t get the refund […]

Sydney and Melbourne both are preferable cities of Australia. According to the need of an individual, he can select between the countries. In this article keeping various factors into the consideration, we will discuss Which city to prefer in Australia- Sydney or Melbourne? Cost of living- Melbourne in every way is […]

Various countries in the UK are ideal for working such as London. Likewise, you are thinking thousands are also thinking of the same and getting a work visa in the UK is not a joke. You have to round up in a lot of paperwork. If go by stats out […]

Singapore as business capital, many people want to get settled in a peaceful city permanently. Quality and standard of living in Singapore are one of the best among other Asian countries. In every aspect, Singapore is a livable country whether it is health and child care, safety from crimes, business, […]

Schengen visa is a powerful visa which is applicable for 26 countries. This visa allows you to freely roam around these 26 countries. This article is about Reasons for rejection of Schengen visa which could be many but this is for sure that rejection of visa from one of the Schengen […]

US B-1/B-2 visa is for the individual who wants to visit the US for business or tourism purpose. B-1 visa is for business activities including educational conferences, for settling estate dispute or a contract etc. whereas B-2 visa for tourism or pleasure activities including holidays, visiting family, medical treatment, participating […]

Owing to the versatility and dual intent of H-1B visa, USCIS has to place strict scrutiny rules and regulations keeping in mind the authenticity of the applicant’s application. For H-1B visa application the basic procedure starts with the job offer from the US employer but the focus of this is […]

H1B is the visa for the immigrants which allows them to work in the US under the US employer who is ready to sponsor him. H1B visa layoff restricts the worker to work in the US. The problem is when there is no particular terms are defined in the immigration […]

Germany in terms of studying is a destination selected by many. The German higher education universities have different kind of courses to offer. Specialized institutes have different courses to offer such as in research education or arts. It all depends on you which field you want to choose, Germany has […]