Every country has its own culture, weather, ambiance, rules, and regulations moving to a country means you have to adapt culture, in short, you have to imbibe it in you to survive in there. If the above-mentioned particulars don’t suit the individual then it is the disadvantage for that person […]

Working in any of the European countries is like dream come true. Member countries of European Union (EU) doesn’t require any work visa or permit to work in the United Kingdom, but other non-EU countries nationals do need to have a work visa in order to work in the United Kingdom. […]

H-1B visa it allows the US companies to hire highly skilled non- immigrants with a specialized degree in a particular field. With this visa, employees can work for 3 years which can further extend up to 6 years. This article includes step by step procedure of How does a company sponsor H-1B […]

The job market in Singapore is flourishing day by day and it is providing a great place for the newcomers to work and explore their talents in different industries. Singapore is one of the selected destinations by the immigrants as it provides high living standards at a low cost of […]

What is H1B Visa? H1B visa is an employment-based visa category to provide temporary work to non-immigrants under the Immigration and Nationality Act. For this applicant, need to have Bachelor’s degree or years of experience in the specific field of expertise and employer must offer a job and apply for […]

Singapore with a business capital in the Asian region is also a hub of the universities which makes it famous choice among the students. Students who want exposure to the multiculturism, business, and industrial sector, trading market select Singapore as their destination. With a faster-growing economy, Singapore too laid its […]

H-1B visa an employment-based visa through which a foreigner skilled worker can do work in the US. Before applying for the visa the skilled worker must ensure it first that he has a job offer from the US employer. The skilled worker on H-1B visa is allowed to come to […]