Many people around the world need to go to other countries for doing various things such as studies, jobs, and many others. But it is essential that the consultants with what they are dealing should be qualified and knows all the rules and regulations of other countries immigration procedure. So […]

Every country has its norms for visitors which majorly revolve around the passport and Visa. In order to visit the UK as a tourist,  UK’s Standard Visitor Visa comes into the picture then and along with that one has to state the purpose of visit, which could be a family […]

 F-1 visa is a ticket for an international student to study full-time in the US. Before submitting the application for the visa one need to have a viable admission letter from an authorized institute. After receiving the same one can apply for the student visa. There are some pre-requisites for […]

The US is one of the most developed nations which always made receptive policies for immigrants who want to start a venture. However, with the new administration system, very harsh policies are being drafted for the immigrants which even hamper their entrepreneurial skills and the country’s supremacy in entrepreneurship as […]

it is true that Russia is endowed with rich culture and history can be seen through its architecture. Russian society has a distinctive atmosphere as a result of the culmination of western influences and traditional Russian values. Hence, living in Russia will undoubtedly be a unique experience for the immigrants. This […]