Looking for work permit in Canada? May need to hurry up as Canada may reduce processing of work permit applications in 2017

Canada, 12th December: Canada may reduce processing of  work permit applications in the year 2017.

processing of work permit applications
processing of work permit applications

Shorter Canada work permit processing in 2017—Shorter Canada work permit processing in 2017 is expected. This is going to be under Global Skill Strategy.

priority Processing of Visas may be introduced- Canada government is likely to introduce priority processing times of two weeks for some Canada visas and Canada work permits. This will be in low-risk and high-skilled occupations.

This initiative is expected in 2017.

In view of the emphasis to be given on Global Skill Strategy, Canada may reduce processing work permit applications in 2017

Highlights of the Global Skills Strategy

  • Establishing an ambitious standard of two-weeks for Canada visa and Canada work permit processing for low-risk and high-skilled talent for Canada firms.
  • Creating a dedicated service channel for firms wanting to make large and job-creating investments in Canada;
  • Dropping Canada work permit requirement for short-term work(30 days or less) in low-risk fields. There is going to be eligibility likely for brief academic stays.

Canada government released the Fall Economic Statement at the beginning of November this year. Global Skills Strategy is in direct response to the requirement for Canada’s requirement for attracting global talent.

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Which are the key industries in focus for Priority Visa to Canada? May be technical services?—Well, firms, once the Global skills strategy gets fully implemented, shall be able to recruit high-skilled experts needed for growth and providing good jobs for Canadians on a priority basis faster than before. Canadian economy will attract greater investment by growth and increased job creation.

As of now, no specific industries are identified as potential in-demand occupations that shall be eligible for priority Canada visa and Canada work permit processing. Technology sector in Canada will be benefitting from such a step. Canada needs an efficient work permit system for attracting top global talent and staying competitive.

Canada technology sectors is experiencing great growth throughout the nation. Canada technical services sector happens to be fifth-largest employer in the nation. It employs nearly 1.3 million people throughout Canada.

Permit-exempt Canada short-term work—There are proposals for abolishing work-permit requirement for short-term work in fields considered to be low-risk. It was announced in Fall Economic Statement that government shall introduce a new work-permit exemption for short-duration work terms.

Proposed definition of short-term—its stays of 30 days or less or brief academic stays. The aim is to help short-term, inter-company work exchanges, study exchanges or entrance of temporary expertise.

It also aims to create a dedicated service channel for firms wanting to make big, job creating investment in Canada.

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