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Process to extend work permit while in Canada

Are you working in Canada on Work Visa and want to Extend Work Permit in Canada? The process is simple

Process of extend work permit in Canada
Process of extend work permit in Canada

As every foreign individual applies for a work permit from outside the country, the maximum period of time this visa is valid is upto 4 years. If you haven’t yet crossed that limit, you can surely extend your work permit from within the country. Once you have exceeded this limit of 4 years in Canada, you will be prohibited from working in the country for the next consecutive 4 years. During this period, you may either live outside the country, or stay in Canada as a visitor, or a student, however, you will not be allowed to work. After the four years have passed you may again apply for a work permit and continue working. This rule is known as the ‘cumulative duration rule’.

You can get an extension on your work permit, provided you meet one of the following conditions:

  1. The employee applies for a new work permit visa before his or her current visa expires.
  2. The employee and employer sign a new employee-employer agreement to extend their contract. There are two ways in which this can be done:
  3. Employee applies for a new LMIA through the ESDC
  4. Employer pays the employer compliance fee and submits a new proposal through the Employer portal

Process of application

There are two ways of application:

  1. Online application

This is a simple online application process where you create a login using your online banking login of a GCKey (Government of Canada Login). It is as simple as filling a form, paying the required fees, and checking your status.

  1. Send an application to Change Conditions or Extend your stay in Canada as a Worker

There are four things you can achieve via this method:

  1. Extend your stay
  2. Change the conditions of your stay
  3. Change your type of temporary status
  4. Correct problems with your status

It is very important that this step be taken before your current work permit expires. You can either fill the online application form or print out the required application forms, fill the forms, pay the fees, and mail the package to the Case Processing Center in Vegreville, Alberta.

It may take around a month for your work permit to be renewed. Till then you may continue to work in the same conditions as your current work permit states, until a decision is made.

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