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The Possible Impact of Trump’s proposal on immigrants

Trump administration has attacked the immigrants who seek the help of government aided programs, for example, Medicaid and other housing programs. It will hit the immigrant community hard as low income earning immigrant depends on these programs for the survival of them and their family in the US. What could be The Possible Impact of Trump’s proposal on immigrants? Let’s have a look into that-

The Possible Impact of Trump’s proposal on immigrants
The Possible Impact of Trump’s proposal on immigrants

The magnitude of the proposal-

If we go by the data provided by Migration Policy Institute on the scrutinization of the census data it emerges out that 31% of the immigrants who are not the citizens of the US are under the radar of the proposal. 31% of the immigrant means millions of them are going to be impacted.

Not only the ones who are already living in the US but also the ones who want to apply for the US immigrant visa. Before coming to the US they will be strictly checked on the basis of financial background so that after coming to the US they will not become the burden on the economy of the US.

The Possible Impact of Trump’s proposal on immigrants

When interviewed by Axios, Mark Greenberg who is a senior official at Migration Policy Institute told the reporter about -The Possible Impact of Trump’s proposal on immigrants and they are as mentioned below-

  • Legal immigrants who are already staying in the US and have opted for Public programs such as Medicaid to be in the queue of obtaining Green Card could now because of this proposal face deportation. Many of the immigrants will now be reluctant in participating in the government program which will compromise the health of the family. Many immigrants who have children that are US citizen can experience separation.
  • Immigrants who are applying for the US immigrant visa can be affected in a way that now scrutiny regarding financial background will increase and only that immigrants will be permitted who has enough financial balance to support themselves and their families. This proposal will revise the definition of Public Charge and in future, no one knows what the definition will include.
  • Greenberg also added the third impact, he said that now the immigrants will think twice before getting any public benefit. Using any benefit will cut their ticket out from the US.

The main concern of the immigration experts is that with this proposal in processing the reason of being a Public Charge widens and as a result many of the immigrants will be denied the visa. This proposal will only lead to erratic decisions. Walls for the immigrants be it legal immigrants will touch new heights.

What are the thoughts of Trump’s Government regarding proposal?

The proposal according to the government is progressive as it ensures self-sufficiency. Immigrants coming to the US will be contributing to the economy instead of piling on the economy.

Explaining the proposal Secretary of Department of Homeland security- Kirstjen Nielsen further commented on the exceptions that been made in the proposal and the exceptions are as follows-

  • Public benefits are for those who are green card holder and been living in the US for many years. So with this many of the immigrant will be ruled out from the proposal.
  • Proposal rule out the children who are covered under the health insurance CHIP.
  • Refugees in the US and the immigrants who are in the US as an asylum seeker are being ruled out from the proposal.
  • Immigrants whom children are US citizens are allowed to use the benefits for children only with no fine.


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