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Trump’s new regulation includes welfare schemes except for education programs

Trump new regulation has made immigrants say no to a green card if they are using any of the government aided welfare schemes such as Medicaid. Definition of being a public charge will be revised and the government will set the parameters for how one can be considered as a public charge. But in all this chaos of the release of  Trump’s new regulation includes welfare schemes except for education programs.

Trump’s new regulation includes welfare schemes except for education programs
Trump’s new regulation includes welfare schemes except for education programs

Low earning income can be the targets of this new regulation of being denied immigration if using welfare schemes in US

The motto is to widen the definition of public charge and include resources and the condition which will force the USCIS to the reject the application to enter the US or the application regarding Green Card. Now it has given power to the USCIS to discard the application on the grounds of immigrants not being financially equipped to sustain a healthy life in the US that is without using any of the government provided welfare schemes.

The government has clarified that the immigrants won’t be affected who are engaged with any of the welfare schemes before the rule will get finalized. The immigrants who have taken the benefits of the schemes in the past and are the permanent resident but have left the country will come under the new regulation if the come again.

The education program is not included in the list of the welfare schemes under the new regulation

With many of the schemes came under the new regulation but Education program, lunch program by federal schools and Head Start make their way out of the new regulation.

The regulation is making sure that the no harm will be done to the student’s education at the elementary level or for the children who are engaged with Head Start a program to provide education to the children of low earning parents. But this doesn’t mean it won’t affect them in case they apply for green card.

At what scale the new regulation is going to affect the immigrants-

Estimation of the federal government goes around 380,000 immigrant who will be affected in terms of using any kind of welfare schemes provided by the government.

According to the data by Annie Foundation that around 18 million children are as such who are staying with their immigrant parents and approximately 5 million of the children out of total 18 million are living with the parents who are undocumented.

This new regulation has yet again increased the risk of family separation and deportation. Children are being scared of being separated from the families. Children might have to compromise on their education too.

What would be the positive impact on the US economy after the regulation be in place-

When the proposal being announced by the Department of Homeland Security they emphasized on the positive impact it will have on the US economy. Department officials continue by boasting how many billions will add up after the regulation which will come into effect in 60 days of public reviewing. They claimed that the figure amount of $2.7 billion of all the hardworking taxpayers will be saved from annually which is used by immigrants.

Secretary of Homeland Security gave the statement justifying the step taken by the government as the government wants to promote self-sufficiency among the immigrants and want to protect the American taxpayers by reducing the number of the immigrants who could possibly in near future become public charge and burden on the American society. She also added that the immigrants who want to come to the US in order to work or permanent stay will to show financial proofs to prove they can financially sustain their lives in America.

Ending lines-

According to the immigrant’s attorney, Trump’s new regulation is just another add up in reducing the immigration count. Punishing immigrants for the basic requirement for the family survival is heartless.



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