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Trump All Set to Step up Deportation of 8 Million Undocumented Immigrants from the US

President Donald J Trump seems to be delivering more than what he has promised to American Voters during his Make American Great again campaign to win the race for white house. All his plans to Deportation of undocumented Immigrants from USA are even more aggressive than anticipated, taking even judiciary head on

Reports of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials arresting undocumented immigrants across the country all this past week, is adding to the tensions already created by the executive order Trump has signed earlier to impose a temporary ban on entry of refugees from seven Muslim majority countries.

Deportation of undocumented Immigrants
Deportation of undocumented Immigrants

Trump’s deportation plan seems to be much more malicious, as it intends to deport not only those with Bad behavior, criminal record but extends to all whoever has entered the country without proper documentation.


Start of Deportation of Undocumented Immigrants in USA- Insecurity sets in among Immigrants in USA

The immigrant community was terrorized and shocked when the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officials detained 36-year-old Hispanic women from Mexico, mother of two US citizens, who has been living in the US without proper documentation, and was granted leniency by the Obama administration.

Police refutes claims- Say They already had deportation Order against these Immigrants

Many claim this is a complete departure from the Obama administration policy of crackdown on those with a criminal or felony record. Officials however, insist that about 130 of those arrested, most of them from a dozen of Latin American countries, during the last week’s raid had criminal records or had a prior deportation order against them.

However, Immigrant rights group dismissed this claim saying that many of those arrested include law-abiding immigrants with a clean record.

Reports say, hundreds of undocumented immigrants were arrested during the raids conducted across six states including New York, Los Angeles, North Carolina, South Carolina, Chicago, and Atlanta the past week.

On the other hand, a youth immigration organization claimed that these raids extended to the states of Kansas, Florida, Virginia, and Texas. They suspect that there may be many more of such attacks, and this is just a tip of the iceberg, as many more cities and immigrants are on the list of deportees.

UnDocumented Immigrants Getting Help from Various Immigration Rights Groups

Immigration rights groups are trying to educate the immigrants of their rights and the ways to protect themselves from such raids. The Coalition of Humane Immigrant rights group runs one such program that offers advice in Spanish language about the immigrant rights on a Los Angeles radio station.

In addition to offering advice on the immigrants’ rights, the immigration rights groups are also planning a protest march against such raids.

USA with Trump has Zero Tolerance for Illegal Immigrants

However, Trump is determined to come good on his election promises, says analysts. As against the amnesty granted by the Obama administration to the illegal immigrants, Trump is determined to implement his “zero Tolerance” for illegal immigrants, as promised during his campaign rally in Phoenix Arizona,  where he declared, anyone living in the country without proper documentation would face deportation.

These raids are a direct result of president trumps orders, claimed some immigration attorneys. However, immigration officials deny their allegation saying such raids need months of careful planning.

Sources say that during the last week of January, 2017 a memo was handed over to the president that has the details of undocumented immigrants in the country, based on which the raids were conducted during the last week.

Mexico Decides to stands with its Citizens who Might face threat of Deportation

Immigration advocates say there is a wide spread fear, and panic among the immigrant communities, with the sudden war declared on undocumented immigrants.  Mexico has already advised its citizens to contact Mexican consulates in their states, and to get in touch with their attorneys so they are informed of their immigration rights.

The Mexican government fearing more of such raids has allocated 50 million dollars to aid its citizens fight any deportation threat. Mexican authorities say, there is little we can do, and we are trying to help our citizens living in the US. However, officials says, “There is nothing we can do to slow down the deportation process, if the US goes ahead with such extreme steps.”

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