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Overview of Costs involved for Immigrating to Australia

Overview of Costs involved for Immigrating to Australia

Are you looking for a better lifestyle in vibrant communities that offer opportunities for great outdoor adventures, great work-life balance, quality education for your kids and more? Have you considered Australia? Have a look on costs involved for immigrating to Australia- these are not much higher compared to immigrating any other country

Why Make Australia Your Next Home?

As a resilient economy, Australia offers plenty of career opportunities, business opportunities to display your skills, expertise, and entrepreneurial abilities. In addition, the vast expanse of natural landscapes offer pure, fresh air, free from pollution offers high quality of life. Almost every city has diverse communities with people from almost every country living there. Live festivals and different cultures are celebrated almost throughout the year. People live in harmony with mutual respect for each other make these communities rich with culture.

Overview of Costs involved with Immigrating to Australia
Overview of Costs involved with Immigrating to Australia

Australia is primarily a nation of Immigrants, majority of these immigrants have come from European countries attracted to its propriety and high quality of lifestyle. The country still faces an acute shortage of highly skilled professionals and has its doors open for foreign immigrants with the right set of skills that boosts its economy

Are you planning to migrate to Australia?

No wonder, many people from across the world find themselves attracted to all the benefits that Australian multi-cultural communities have to offer.

Australia invites skilled and talented individuals with open arms, and if you are looking to migrate to Australia, but not sure about the costs involved in moving to Australia for better prospects, here is a break up of costs required to process application, move to Australia, and settle down in this beautiful country.

Costs involved for Immigrating to Australia

Well, you plan to move to Australia for a rich and prosperous lifestyle. Such a move will have a price, some of the costs associated with immigrating to Australia include:

The Application fee and associated costs

Moving to Australia (Airfare, accommodation, food after landing, cost of finding a job or setting up of business, etc.)  There are many classes of visas available for immigrant aspirant, and each type of visa has a different fee structure. A detailed break up of costs are:

Visa Application Type Costs in AUS $
Employer Sponsored Immigration – Primary Applicant 3600
Additional Applicant above 18 years of age 1800
Additional Applicant below 18 years of age 900
General Skilled Migration – Skilled Independent 3600
Additional Applicant above 18 years of age 1800
Additional Applicant below 18 years of age 900
Business Class Immigration – Many types of visas available, each class has a different fee. 2180 – 8410
Additional Applicant above 18 years of age 1090-4205
Additional Applicant below 18 years of age 545 – 2105


All fees are payable to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Other Expenditure while Immigrating to Australianot included in the above list

These costs do not include initial costs such as skills assessment, which is about Aus $ 350.00; Medical examination about Aus $ 150.0, costs of police verification, courier service fee. You may also have to set aside for English language tests fee, consultant fee, if you decide to hire one.

You may also have to set aside costs  not included in the table above, costs for moving to Australia airfare, fees to validate your visa upon arriving in Australia, settling down, accommodation and such other costs till you find a job and are happily settled.

Your initial monthly expenditure might come to around Aus $ 4000 per month for a family of 4. However, this is an approximate estimate; the costs vary based on your lifestyle, and the city you chose to live. You may be better off by allocating about Aus $ 25,000 for the first three months of your stay when you move to Australia, for your rent, rental bonds or deposits, household expenses, groceries, etc.

Plan your move carefully after exploring all the options including your financial position, so your immigration process is smooth and a happy one!

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