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How To Get US Citizenship In The Process Of Naturalization In USA?

The process of naturalization in USA is legal; it grants the citizenship of a country to a noncitizen of the country. The rules and regulations for naturalization vary from country to country and also require some legal documents for the same. One can also refer to USCIS policy manual citizenship and naturalization guidance for more information regarding the same.

Why is the Process of Naturalization in USA important?

Naturalization is a legal process that is quite important for the immigrants as well as for the country, USA. It is one of the most important steps that help people in building their identity. Naturalization not only gives people a legal status in the country but is also beneficial to the society and the economy of the country.

Some of the prime reasons that show the importance of naturalization is as below:

  1. Economy gain: Many studies have shown that the path to citizenship of noncitizens leads to increased rate of wages for the immigrants and that too not only immediately but also for a long period.
  2. Strong and integrated USA: When the country grants citizenship to the immigrants, it ensures that they work actively for complete integration of the country. Studies have shown that the countries that deny citizenship struggle a lot in integrating the society, which has lead to economic mobility. In the same way, the countries that view naturalization as a part of their success have a great rate of economic success.
  3. Economic gain for natives: Many studies have shown that the immigrants not only contribute to increased rate of wages for them but also for the natives of the country. For instance, when the immigrants complement the skills of the native born and buy their goods and services, it helps in expanding the size of the economy.

What are the steps of acquiring US Citizenship through naturalization?

It takes a period of six months to get citizenship through naturalization after the application is filed. There are approximately six to eight steps in acquiring citizenship.

The basic steps for acquiring citizenship through naturalization are as follows:

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  • Eligibility criteria: The basic eligibility criteria involve proving a continuous resident and also physical presence in the USA. Also, the citizen must be able to read, write and understand English language and should have moral character.
  • Collecting the necessary documents: After completing the application form, one should start collecting the necessary documents. The document checklist tells the immigrants about when to send the original documents and when to send the copies.
  • Collect passport size photographs: It is important to include two standard, color passport size photographs along with the application.
  • Sending the documents and fees to service center: The fees for sending the naturalization application form is $595.00, and the biometric service fee is $80.00
  • Getting fingerprints: After the filing of the application form, the USCIS sends the immigrants a letter, which provides the details about where and when the fingerprints will be taken.
  • Interview: While going for an interview, the immigrants should answer confidently about their family background in fluent English.
  • Taking the oath and becoming a citizen: Once USCIS approves the application for naturalization; one must attend the oath taking ceremony and take the oath of allegiance to the USA.

The process of naturalization in USA is the most important and basic step for getting the citizenship to the immigrants. The legal process is quite beneficial to the social and economic gain of the country. The above blog is all about getting naturalization in the USA.

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