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Available Choices To Undocumented Immigrants In USA- Will Trump Achieve Immigration Restrictions As Promised?

Donald Trump has already announced to the world that he is certain to complete his plans to create a giant wall on the Mexican border. Alongside, he has almost vowed on placing tough restrictions on Muslim immigration into the USA, two main guarantees from his electoral campaign. That means there are less practical choices available to undocumented immigrants in USA.

Immigration and Giant Wall to keep away Undocumented Immigrants in USA.

Trump is all ready to order the building of the famous wall across the Southern border of the United States. We all know that he insists that Mexico must share the costs of the wall.

He is even ready to construct it first and wait for Mexico to pay later! A claim completely denied by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. Mr. Enrique Pena is said to visit the United States this month.

This giant wall of immigration comes in less than a month of his White House occupancy. Now, looking at Obama’s similar actions during his first two years, Trump is no different. The only difference is that Trump is tougher on immigration policies. These are clear signs that eventually no matter what; the new immigration rules will be effective!

Relationship with the Judiciary

Trump has accused the judiciary of ‘playing politics’ after James Robart, the federal judge appointed by George W. Bush, last week placed a temporary stay on the travel ban of Trump. Every judge in the USA has gathered up defying Trump’s posturing.

The new reality is that Neil Gorsuch would have to deal with a lot of things. The judges have given a 29-page ruling, at the San Francisco court appealing that the government has failed to offer enough proof for the urgency in carrying the ban for protecting the country. Now, this proves that the judiciary will be a tough door for Trump to open!

Future of the Relationship of the Judiciary with Trump, for Undocumented Immigrants in USA

If Trump continues to question the court’s fairness, it might weaken the Supreme Court’s power. Moreover, such a perilous situation might force the Supreme Court Judges to draw ranks to safeguard the court’s important role in the country. And, this might bring new problems for Trump. But everything is just a guess now.

Nothing much can be said about the future of both these powerful authorities.

Construction of Border Wall to Begin Soon

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  • Well, whatever he said, he meant it in real. On Wednesday, Trump visited the Department of Homeland Security to sign two executive orders connected to the broader immigration and border wall policy.
  • Speaking with the ABC News, Trump mentioned that construction of the wall will start within months, yet accepted that the dollars from taxpayers are needed to begin the process.
  • The money spent on borders might help faster immigration and asylum processes. This might help decrease the costs of dealing with crimes related to undocumented immigrants in USA.
  • Anyone who crossed the border illegally faces deportation. In fact, Trump was elected to deal with these security and cost issues.

But people opposing the action say it’s going to cost more from the tax payer’s fund. Let’s at least hope that Trumps’ officers will handle the illegal immigrant deportation process in a humane manner as there are not many choices available to undocumented immigrants in USA.

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