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Study in Canada or USA – Mistakes international students to avoid while selecting university

Plethora of options is available for students who desire to obtain a degree from Canadian or American Universities for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs.   While these can be alluring as many students love to study in Canada, but returning after the Visa interview or do not avail a seat in the college, in spite of holding the excellent academic record. This is mainly because of the mistakes they commit.

Here are certain things to avoid, if you want to study in Canada or any university in America.

Not done with complete research

Many students, who want to pursue an education in international universities, don’t do more than basic research. They need to consider a lot of factors like the fee, scholarships available for the particular college, and the cost of living. In fact, even the climatic conditions and the weather should also be taken into account.

Study in Canada

Documents are not ready

For many students documentation is complete, even if they have 7 out of 10 required documents ready. However, it is vital to submit all the required documentation when you fill the application form. Else, the same gets rejected.

Don’t have a plan

It has to be taken into account that the immigration process might take months, and it is always important to speak to the admission counselor to know about the application process and the months the applications are issued and collected.

Don’t pay application fees on time

Almost all the international universities require paying application fees over online when applying for the course or degree. So, it is not that you can wait till your application gets approved.

Not spoken to the counselor

All the colleges have an academic or student counselor, who can help throughout the selection process. Feel free to talk to the counselor about the experience you can expect when you study in Canada, and about any particular requirements of yours.

Do not produce the bank statements while applying for scholarships

A bank solvency letter is very much required when you apply for the international universities. The bank statements mean that you have liquid funds in your account, and even if you get scholarships, you need to produce the solvency letter.

Do not understand what to do after your graduation

It is not enough to be motivated and inspired to study in Canada, but it is crucial that you figure out what lies ahead after you graduate. There are study programs, conferences, teacher faculty sessions, mentors and lots of other ways to understand this.


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