Undocumented Immigrants Bribed to Leave UK by Home Office

United Kingdom, 27th September: Undocumented immigrants are being bribed to leave the UK by the Home Office.

Yes, that is quite true.

Undocumented immgirants bribed to leave UK by Home OfficeUndocumented immigrants bribed to leave the UK by Home Office—Yes, undocumented immigrants bribed to leave the UK by the Home Office. The UK Home Office is offering generous packages to lure undocumented immigrants to leave the UK.

These include money to begin new businesses, flights home and amnesty from arrest. The only condition is if undocumented immigrants promise to be present at repatriation meetings.

“ Undocumented immigrants are being offered bribes to leave the UK by the Home Office. “

The Voluntary Returns Service—Yes, the name of this new scheme of Home Office is the ‘Voluntary Returns Service’. It targets foreign nationals overstaying their visas, failed asylum seekers and migrants having entered the UK unlawfully.

The tailored packages being provided to undocumented immigrants include assistance finding schools for their children, paying for flights, work placements and money to begin new businesses in migrants’ home nations.

The Home Office’s new scheme also has amnesty from being arrested if undocumented immigrants attend meetings for discussion of their return. Leader of the South-East England immigration compliance and enforcement team, Richard Lederle, said that one can talk face-to-face without any fear of getting arrested.

The team working under the UK Visas and Immigration( a division of the Home Office) has promised that anyone who is ready to leave the UK voluntarily can be allowed back into the UK in just two years. It may be worth notable that those who are deported forcibly get banned from coming to the UK for at least ten years.

Critics allege pay-offs luring undocumented immigrants—Meanwhile, several critics of the program have alleged that such pay-offs are luring undocumented immigrants that it’s find to be in the UK unlawfully. It looks like a bribe for those who have already committed a crime by being in the UK unlawfully. This was stated by conservative backbencher Andrew Bridgen.

It needs to be worth notable that since 1999, the UK Home Office has been making pay-offs to undocumented immigrants for leaving the UK. As per the details, each undocumented immigrant was paid around £2,000.


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