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UK Business Owners Immigrating to the US On US E-2 Treaty Investor Visas

United States, 1st August: UK Business owners immigrating to the US on US E-2 Treaty Investor Visas.

Yes, that’s quite true. UK Business owners are immigrating to the US on US E-2 Treaty Investor Visas.

UK business owners immigrating to the US on US E2 Treaty Investor visasUK business owners heading to the US on US E2 Treaty Investor Visas—UK Business owners are heading to the US on US E2 Treaty investor visas. Yes. They are exploring this US visa facility for moving to the US in recent times.

It has already become quite a popular US immigration option for many British business owners. It’s a great option for business investors as well as those wishing to get a US E2 employee work visa. They get entry into the US by investing US$50,000. It needs worth mentionable that an average house price in London is nearly US$750,000(£500,000).

Moreover, this investment is quite less as compared to the US $500,000 for the US EB-5 immigrant investor program. It also has a requirement of creating employment for 10 people in the US.

US E2 Treaty Investor Visa application process—US E2 Treaty Investor Visa Application process. It aims to attract investment in US startups or any existing business. For this, one has to provide some documentation for registering their business as an E2 Treaty visa business. This is for becoming eligible for US E2 work visa application.

If you are desirous of registering your business as a US E2 Treaty Investor, then you must make some investments. An option is to be in the process of making some investments in the US. The US E2 investment must not be marginal.

The good thing is to show that the business shall be able to create jobs in the US for US permanent residents and US citizens.

Investors must prove their business to be a bona fide corporation—British business investors need to prove that their business is a bona fide corporation. For this, they need to provide extensive documentation. An example of documentary proof could be financial statement, business license or lease agreement and/or tax returns.

Those who are successful in US immigration under the US E2 Treaty Investor Visas can apply for their family members’ visas too.


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