Sponsorship of a Spouse from Outside Canada

Canada, 14th March: Do you want to know how to sponsor your spouse from outside Canada?

Well, we will discuss here the topic in detail.

So, here we go.

Sponsoring a spouse from outside CAnadaGuide to sponsoring a spouse from outside Canada—The first thing is to file an application for sponsorship of your spouse from outside Canada. It’s a two-step application process. It consist of the application of the sponsor for sponsorship of the spouse and the sponsored spouse’s(or the applicant’s) application.

Both these applications need to be submitted to Canada immigration department CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) processing center in Ontario.

<blockquote> This is a guide for sponsorship of a spouse from outside Canada in details. </blockquote>

Assessment of the sponsorship part of the application--Assessment of the sponsorship part of the application will be done at application processing center in Ontario. After the approval of the application, the immigration part of the application shall be forwarded to the visa office in the nation of the citizenship of the application or in some instances, the nation in which the application has his or her lawful status having validity for not less than one year.

If the applicants are living outside their native nation at the time of making the application, then in such a case, they have the option to select where they want the application to be processed.

In case the applicant is living in Canada with a lawful status, then its good to have his or her application assessed in Buffalo(New York). This is the visa office responsible for Canada residents. This office processes applications more quickly than other visa offices.

After this, the admissibility of the applicant shall get assessed. Also, it will be assessed whether the marriage between the applicant and the sponsor is legitimate or not.

Time for processing the sponsorship portion of the application—Well, the Mississauga(Ontario) office will process the sponsorship part of the application in a period of 40 days (around 40 days). Visa posts take between three months to 17 months for processing of the immigration portion of the application. Nearly four to eight months are taken for the processing of the immigration portion of the application(international average time).

Meanwhile, it is the responsibility of the sponsor and the applicant to make sure that the required evidence or proof of their marriage has been submitted to make it easy for the assessing visa office to see if the relationship is genuine or not.

Application in process—The applicant can reside either in Canada or in his or her home nation while the application is in process. If the applicant wants to live in Canada while the application is in process, there happens to be no rule against applying for it.

So, we can say that the applicant can travel freely(in case of in-Canada process, the sponsor and the application must live together in Canada for getting qualified).

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