UK Ancestry Visas

United Kingdom, 22nd December: Do you want to know about UK Ancestry visas?

UK Ancestry visas happen to be one of the popular UK immigration schemes. It is especially meant for those having a UK born grandparent.

Let us see the details here now.

UK Ancestry Visas UK Ancestry Visas—Let us know now what exactly is a UK Ancestry visa and how can one get qualified for a UK Ancestry visa? Well, you must be at least 17 years of age or more, need to be a Commonwealth Citizen and must prove that you are having a grandparent who is UK born or born in the Isle of Man or Channel Islands.

<blockquote> UK Ancestry visa is considered to be a popular means of UK immigration for those having a UK born grandparent. </blockquote>

Meanwhile, it may be worth mentioned that nationals of Zimbabwe are also considered as valid by the UK Home Office for the purpose of UK Ancestry visa applications.

A UK born grandparent—Well, by a UK born grandparent for the purpose of applying for UK Ancestry visa, we need to know that the grandparent can be either on the father’s side or on the mother’s side of the applicant’s family.

Even adopted children are also considered to be qualified as well as the applications where any parent through whom any applicant is claiming his or her ancestry as an adopted child.

Meanwhile, it needs to be worth notable that through stepparents, one cannot claim ancestry for the purpose of UK Ancestry visas.

Duration of UK Ancestry Visa—Well, you need to know that any UK Ancestry visa is granted for a period of five years. One can make an application for UK Permanent Residency after successful completion of the five year period as being the holder of the UK Ancestry visa. The UK Permanent residence is also known by another name as ILR(Indefinite Leave to Remain). However, you need to note further that all other conditions must be fulfilled.

If you don’t fulfill the conditions for the ILR, then in such a case, you can make an application for extending your UK Ancestry visa until you are able to fulfill the conditions for ILR.

Can one apply for Second UK Ancestry visa?—Yes, that’s possible. You can apply for a second UK Ancestry visa from your native nation. Meanwhile, you must be aware of the fact that any time spent on the first UK Ancestry visa will not be counted for getting qualified for ILR in the UK.

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