Study in Canada and Get Canada Citizenship

Canada, 22nd August: So, you can now study in Canada and get Canada citizenship.

Yes, that’s quite true.

Study in Canada and Get Canada CitizenshipStudy in Canada and get Canada citizenship—Study in Canada and get Canada citizenship. Is it true? Yes, its quite true. You can study in Canada and get Canada citizenship. That’s simply great. Each year, Canada allows nearly 120,000 international students to come and study here.

“You can study in Canada and get Canada citizenship. “

Which Canada schools are good?—Well, let us find it out in detail here. Remember, not all Canada schools are good enough. So, you must know which schools are good for studying. Moreover, some studying at some Canada schools will enable you to get a Canada post graduate work permit after completion of your study program.

To get qualified for a Canada study permit, the chosen Canada school must be a DLI(Designated Learning Institution). Moreover, to get qualified for a Canada post-graduate work permit, the school needs to be a degree/diploma granting institute.

Remember, majority of private language colleges or schools do not fulfill the provincial criteria for grant of a diploma/degree/certificate. So, by opting to study in such schools, you will not get able to get a Canada post-graduate work permit.

In addition, many private colleges in Canada have a work experience component. This is a type of co-op program. It simply combines practical work experience with study. But the IRCC(Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) does not accept the co-op work experience for the purposes of Canada permanent residency application. So, you need to get a degree/diploma from any educational institute(recognized by the IRCC) for getting qualified for Canada permanent residency in the coming times.

What are the other steps?—Well, you must get familiar with Canada post-graduate work permit process. To be eligible for Canada permanent residency(under Canada Express Entry system), you must get work experience after graduation. One can get a college diploma(in 2 years), a certificate program(in 8-10 months) and a bachelor’s degree( in 3+ years).

You become eligible for 3-year Canada post-graduate work permit if you have a bachelor’s degree/college diploma. You can get a 1 year post graduate work permit if you have a certificate program. So, you won’t get qualified for Canada permanent residency. So, take up any study program that helps you become entitled for a three-year post-graduate work permit.

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