How to Apply for PR in Australia via Study Visa


Coastal life is an integral part of the life of Australians as most of the people live within the 50 km range from the beach. Australia consists of more than 10,000 beaches spread over thousands of miles of coastline, which is more than 50,000 km to be precise. Australia is the continent with the maximum number of beaches. As per “The Economist Intelligence Unit,” it is ranked third for the high standard of life, around the globe and is fourth amongst the top 10 lavish cities. So, many of us wish to apply for PR in Australia via Study Visa as it is the easiest way. 

In addition to its beach life, the economy of Australia is one of the world’s top economies for years. Simply put, Australia is one of the most resilient countries with the booming economy and stable political system.

Process to Apply for PR in Australia via Study Visa
Process to Apply for PR in Australia via Study Visa

How to Apply for PR in Australia via Study Visa

Most international students desire to settle in Australia, once they finish their education. Although it is an easy process to get admission in any of Australian university or educational institute, General Skill Migration (GSM) is a cumbersome procedure. While GSM is managed by the DIBP (Dept. of Migration and Border Protection), it majorly depends upon the employment market requirements of the nation.

Process to Apply for PR in Australia via Study Visa
Process to Apply for PR in Australia via Study Visa

The GSM is compliant to the Point Test Scores that awards the points as per experience and skill sets. The successful completion of education in Australian Universities, or schools does not assure the GSM acceptance. However, there are several other aspects that can help you improve your Point Test scores. Today, in this article, we will discuss some important information for individuals who are interested in getting “Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)”.

Necessities for the application of GSM by an international student:

    You should fulfill the Australian Study Requirement criteria. This implies that you should study in Australia for a minimum of two years. If your course is short, you can extend your stay be doing various other courses available.

    You should come under the age group of 18-49.

    Your IELTS score should be equal to or more than 6 (or corresponding to it in an alternative test for English language skills).

    You need to register to Skilled Occupation List and have skill sets as per the criteria. As migration process is driven by the requirement of employment in Australia, various sought after fields are posted on the SOL (Skilled Occupation List) DIBP. For more details, you can check the SOL page of the DIBP site.

Exploring the opportunities for to get selected in GSM program: here are some tips

    Once you complete your study period, continue to stay in Australia. Use your time to improve English language abilities and gain work experience as you can apply for Temporary Graduate Visa, Subclass 485 for 18- months, after you finish education. This will also improve your Point Test scores.

    If possible, do more certifications to improve your knowledge and skill sets. This will not only increase your qualifications but also help you to draw more scores. While diploma can get you 10 points, a degree and doctorate can get you 15 and 20 points respectively.

  People with “Proficient” English skills are IELTS 7 or analogs to it, while “Superior” is IELTS 8. These people gain more points 10 and 20 respectively. So, work on your English Abilities.

    If you study in any region of Australia for two years, you are eligible for extra 5 points. Individuals living in mentioned regional areas for the minimum of two years and working in the same specified area for at least a year, qualify you for a different type of visa called Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887).

    Age Criteria: Individuals between age group 25-32 score 30 points, while people in the age range of 45-49, do not get any points.

    Complete the entire “Professional Year Program.” It is designed keeping in mind, the professional growth of an individual that gives you a formal training for work experience. If you complete this program, it will be added to your work experience and get you some extra points.

We hope this post will help you to understand about the GSM program and qualifications to get Australian Visa. For more details or query, please leave a comment.

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