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Major Changes to International Experience Canada Program

Canada, 30th December: Major changes have been announced to International Experience Canada in a latest move.

International Experience Canada Program’s 2015-16 application cycle has started already.

IEC Program Changes Announced Changes to International Experience Canada(IEC)—Major changes have been announced to IEC in a latest step by Canada government. It means the program will not be working on a first-come, first-served basis. It will be selecting candidates who have made an IEC profile.

It needs to be further notable that candidates must receive an ITA(Invitation to Apply) before becoming eligible to apply for a Canada work permit.

<blockquote> Canada IEC program has undergone some noticeable changes in a latest step by Canada government. </blockquote>

Pool type determined by nation of the candidate—Another notable thing with regard to latest IEC changes is that the type of pool or pools for the candidate shall be determined by the respective nation and by the category of the applicant.

This will become clear by an example. Young professional candidates hailing from France are categorized in one pool while working holiday candidates hailing from Australia are in another pool. There are separate pools for nations having more than one category. This includes France and Australia.

So, there will be only one pool for nations having one category(example Korea).

Are pools of all nations already open for submitting profiles?—Well, this needs to be notable that pools of some nations are open already while other nations’ pools are going to open soon. So, nations whose pools are open will allow applicants having eligibility to submit their profiles now.

Full list of participating countries, as well as their categories and the opening dates for their pool(s)—

  • Australia—Working Holiday—24 months. Young professionals—24 months. International Co-op—12 months. Age limit 18-30. Opening date—30th November, 2015
  • Austria—Working holiday—N/A. Young professionals—12 months. International Co-op—6 months. Age limit-18-30. Opening date-4th December, 2015.
  • Belgium—Working holiday—12 months. Young professionals—N/A. International Co-op—N/A. Age limit—18-30. Opening date—30th November, 2015.
  • Chile—working holiday—12 months. Young professionals—12 months. International co-op—12 months. Age limit 18-35. Opening date—2nd December, 2015.
  • Costa Rica—working holiday—12 months. Young professionals—12 months. International co-op 12 months. Age limit—18-35. Opening date—2nd December, 2015.
  • Croatia—Working holiday—12 months. Young professionals 12 months. International co-op 12 months. Age limit—18-35. Opening date 30th November, 2015.

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