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New US Visa Rules Affecting Iranian Dual Citizens

United States, 23rd December: New US Visa rules are affecting Iranian dual citizens.

As per the latest revelation, new US visa rules are inviting protest from dual citizens of Iraq, Iran, Sudan and Syria.

The new US visa ruling will be restricting travel of dual citizens from such nations.

US Visa Waiver Program Changes To Affect Iran Dual Citizens New US visa rules effect Iran dual citizens—New US visa program is going to restrict travel for dual citizens from Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Syria. No wonder, such rules are inviting protest from dual citizens from such nations.

<blockquote>New US Visa waiver program rules becoming effective in 2016 will affect dual citizens from Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Syria. </blockquote>

New US visa waiver program rules effective in 2016–As per the details, new US visa waiver program norms will get implemented in the year 2016. And once these US visa rules come into force, they will require dual citizens from Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Syria to apply for a US visa with an in-person interview at any US embassy.

What this means is more difficulty for US visa visit aspirants from the above named nations. This is especially true for Iran citizens living in Europe as they will be facing additional US travel hurdles.

No visa-free travel to US for Iran nationals--New rules will prevent visa-free travel to the US for foreigners having visited Iran or those who have Iranian nationality. The ruling has been introduced by the US government after it was signed into legislation by the US President Barack Obama recently.

It is applicable to nationals of Syria, Sudan, Iran and Iraq and has been introduced as a security step following recent Islamic state attacks in Paris and a similar one in San Bernardino (California).

Meanwhile, it is being maintained by Hossein Jaberi Ansari, an Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson that the US has taken this step under the pressure from Zionist lobby.

Who is excluded from the latest US visa waiver program changes?–It may be worth notable that citizens from 38 nations (majority from Europe) are allowed to come to the US without any visa under the US Visa waiver program.

However, it needs to be worth notable that citizens who have already visited Iraq, Iran, Sudan or Syria in the period of last five years duration and those having dual nationality with any of the four above stated nations are not included by the recent US Visa waiver program change.

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