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More UK Doctors Leaving For Australia

United Kingdom, 26th November: Increased number of UK doctors are leaving for Australia due to higher pay and lesser work hours.

Yes, that’s quite true. More and more doctors from the UK are moving to Australia for working there due to better working conditions.

UK Doctors Lured by Australia UK doctors leaving for Australia—In a latest update, it has been revealed that more and more UK doctors are leaving for Australia. This is due to higher pay rates and better working conditions in Australia for doctors.

No wonder, many UK doctors are feeling tempted to move to Australia for working there.

<blockquote> Increasing number of UK doctors are moving from their native nation to Australia due to better work conditions along with higher pay rates here. </blockquote>

Australia luring more foreign doctors--It may be worth notable that in July 2015, new contract proposals were announced for NHS staff. This resulted in nearly 3,468 UK doctors making application for getting permission for practicing overseas from the GMC(General Medical Council).

Australia continues to be a popular nation for Brit doctors as it offers nearly 50 percent higher pay rates along with significantly shorter work hours. No wonder, more and more UK nurses and doctors decided to move to Australia for working there.

UK needs 26,500 new doctors, 47,700 new nurses—With more and more doctors and nurses from the UK moving to Australia, the nation is experiencing a high demand for doctors and nurses.

As per the latest figures revealed by the OECD(Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) report, the UK needs nearly 26,500 new doctors. Moreover, the UK also needs nearly 47,700 new nurses.

The UK is struggling to get the required number of physicians and nurses for meeting the healthcare needs of the NHS.

Growing trend of UK doctors moving to Australia—Why UK doctors are choosing Australia for working there? Well, this is a common question that may be coming in many minds. Why are so many UK doctors applying for Australia skilled immigration visas even though they are having their jobs in the UK?

Its because they are getting much better working conditions in Australia. So, by moving to Australia for working there, what they can look forward to is nearly 50 percent higher pay rates, lesser working hours and less pressure. What else can they look for?

The UK needs to change its policies by providing more facilities and better working conditions to doctors and nurses to retain them in the nation.

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