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Canada Parent and Grandparent Program to Reopen In January 2016

Canada, 3rd December: Canada Parent and Grandparent Program is all set to reopen from 4th January, 2016.

This has been revealed by Canada immigration department –Citizenship and Immigration Canada(CIC).

Canada PGP to Reopen Next YearCanada Parent And Grandparent Program to reopen in January—Come 4th January, 2016 and Canada Parent and Grandparent Immigration program will be reopened once again. Yes, that’s great news for many awaiting to bring their parents or grandparents to Canada.

<blockquote> Canada Parent and Grandparent Immigration program is all set to be opened from 4th January, 2016. </blockquote>

As per the details, an undisclosed number of applications shall be accepted by Canada immigration department for Canada PGP(Parent and Grandparent Program).

However, it needs to be notable that sponsors and sponsored persons must start preparing early to secure their chances of a successful application submission.

Canada PGP offers opportunity for Canada permanent residents and Canada citizens to bring their foreign parents and grandparents to come to Canada as Canada permanent residents.

Eligibility conditions for PGP—Well, let us see the eligibility conditions for Canada PGP in detail here. Parents and grandparents coming to Canada under Canada PGP will get Canada permanent residency and can apply for Canada citizenship after the successful fulfillment of residency requirements.

Conditions for sponsor in Canada—

  • He or she must be a Canada permanent resident or a Canada citizen;
  • He or she must be at least 18 or above;
  • He or she must exceed the minimum income level for this program by providing notices of assessment issued by CRA(Canadian Revenue Agency) for supporting the sponsorship. Sponsors need to show that they have fulfilled minimum income level for three consecutive years. Income of both persons shall be included in case of married or common law relationship.
  • He or she must promise to give financial support for the sponsored relative for a period of 20 years. This time period starts on the date of the sponsored relative getting Canada permanent residency.

A sponsorship agreement must be signed by the sponsor and the sponsor relative committing to the sponsor for providing financial support for the relative being sponsored, if required.

The agreement includes that the person gaining Canada permanent residency shall ensure to support himself or herself.

In case of Quebec resident, an undertaking must be signed with Quebec for binding the sponsorship.

Canada Super visa—This is yet another option available for bringing your foreign parents or grandparents to Canada. Parents and grandparents of Canada permanent residents or Canada citizens can come and live in Canada as long term visitors on multiple entry 10 year visitor visas.

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