Assessing Language Proficiency for Canada Immigration

Canada, 20th May: Canada immigration applicants need to prove their language ability for coming to Canada.

Canada immigration rules require applicants to have language ability to communicate in either of the two Canada official languages, i.e. French or English.

Canada Language ProficiencyAssessment of language proficiency—Canada Benchmarks—Assessment of language proficiency is done as per the CLB system. CLB system is Canadian Language Benchmark system.

<blockquote> Canada language proficiency assessment is done by Canada immigration department for Canada immigration applicants. </blockquote>

Canada immigration assesses language proficiency for four language skills(language, writing, listening and speaking). The CLBs have levels from 1 to 12. Basic level of proficiency is for 1-4, intermediate is for 5-8 and advanced is from 9-12.

Which are designated organizations for testing of English language? –

  • IELTS(International English Language Testing System).
  • CELPIP(Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program).

It may be worth mentioned that IELTS tests can be taken at various locations the world over. CELPIP tests can be taken within Canada only. The only test accepted for federal economic immigration program for the purpose of French language testing is TEF (Test d’Evaluation de Français).

Canada immigration language Converter—The new Canada Immigration Language Converter happens to be a tool enabling users to convert different test scores into the equivalent CLBs and vice versa. Yes, this tool offers detailed description of each CLB for each language ability.

It enables the users to know how and where can they improvise their language skills, take a language test with full confidence and follow their dream of immigration to Canada.

Canada language proficiency—how can applicants prepare?—Well, immigration to Canada becomes much easier if the applicants have sufficient language proficiency. Moreover, their settlement and job search becomes successful if they are proficient in either of the two Canada official languages.

For this, Canada immigration applicants need to have sufficient knowledge about Canada language proficiency and its role in Canada immigration. For example, many applicants do not know what actually is the CLB for 7 in listening in IELTS(as an example).

Language points for skilled workers—Candidates having higher language proficiency get sufficient rewards under different Canada immigration programs. 24 points are offered to candidates under Federal Skilled Worker Program(out of the total 67 needed) to those having a CLB of 9 or more in French or English language.

It needs to be notable that many Canada provinces like Quebec, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia offer points for different language levels under immigration programs.

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