Increase Your Chances of Getting Canada Permanent Residency

Canada, 4th June: Do you wish to increase your chances of getting Canada permanent residency?

Then apply under Canada Express Entry if you happen to be a skilled foreigner.

Yes, that’s quite true. Let us know the details here.

Canada Express EntryCanada permanent residency—how to secure your chances?—Canada Express Entry is the program meant for allowing skilled foreigners wanting to come to Canada. So, if you are a skilled foreigner wanting to become Canada permanent resident, then Canada Express Entry is the best bet for you.

<blockquote> Canada Express Entry is to enable skilled foreigners increase their chances of becoming Canada permanent residents. </blockquote>

It aims to allow skilled immigrants wanting to come and work in Canada.

How does Express Entry work?—Canada Express Entry works as a sort of job bank. Here, employers and the government can choose the candidates from the available pool who are most likely to succeed in Canada after immigrating here.

For this, applicants need to apply through any of the three economic immigration schemes. These include Federal Skilled Trades Program(FSTP), Federal Skilled Worker Program(FSWP) and CEC(Canadian experience Class).

Selected candidates can also apply for some PNPs(Provincial Nominee Program)s.

How can one come at the top of the Express Entry list?—What can one do—You need to know that all applicants shall get added to the same Express Entry pool. So, after being on the list, the candidates’ ranking will be based simply on their probability of success after coming to Canada.

Meanwhile, it needs to be worth notable that candidates shall be allowed to make changes to their profile and get increased points as well.

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Isn’t it great!

Comprehensive Ranking System—The applicants need to be ready for seeing their ranking go up or down as well since it will be based on a points-based system. It is known as the Comprehensive Ranking System.

Each applicant can get a total of 1,200 points. A maximum of 500 points can be earned for core human capital factors by the candidate. Core human capital factors include age, education, first language ability and speaking second language ability.

A maximum of 460 points are awarded if you make an application along with your common law partner or accompanying spouse for core human capital of the main applicant. Maximum of 40 points are for core human capital of the spouse or common law partner of the main candidate.