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Whether Post-Study Work Policies Play a Key Role in Determining Study Destinations?

It is the international career prospects that attract aspiring students to study abroad. If there are post-study work policies that make provisions for working in the same country post the study completion, then it is sure to entice a larger number of students. Working in the same country can help the students apply the course study in a more insightful way and enhance their career opportunities.

Post-Study Work Policies Play a Key Role in Determining Study Destinations
Whether Post-Study Work Policies Play a Key Role in Determining Study Destinations?

Students who have joined the workforce of the host country have successfully established themselves in the chosen field, and some of them have even become entrepreneurs, creating further job opportunities. There are enough success stories, without any exaggeration to say that the post-study work policies are beneficial not only to the international students but also to the host country as it can boost up the economy of the nation.

Post-study work policies of the destination country can play a key role when the student chooses a country to study abroad. That’s why countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the U.S. are the most favorite destinations for international students when they want to study overseas.

The latest developments in the U.K.’s policies have brought the country back into the competition, witnessing a growth in the number of overseas students applying to study there. And New Zealand, anyway, has been a preferred destination for many in recent years.

Let’s understand how both these destinations have gained success in attracting more and more international students off late.

Changing policies in the United Kingdom

The U.K. government has taken a significant initiative to make it one of the most preferred overseas study destinations in the world by bringing back the two-year work policy that it once had for the international students to find a job after the completion of their course. This helps the international students to apply for a skilled work visa as soon as they start working.

Changes in the policies have opened the doors for many aspiring students, resulting in increased traction in the country’s education sector. Earlier, when the work visa canceled in 2012, the country witnessed a major drop in the number of students entering the U.K. despite London being the capital for higher education.

Post-Study Work Policies Play a Key Role in Determining Study Destinations

Open employment opportunities for overseas students in New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its high-quality education, positive learning atmosphere, and the top-class universities. It has been attracting more international students, especially from South Asia, thanks to the generous post-study work policies offered by its government. The work visa policy allows the students to work after the study with any employer or apply for any job in any location without any restrictions.

The government allows the students to extend the work visa for up to three years. Another advantage is that the courses are offered in the British Education System, making it an attractive destination for South Asian countries, especially India.


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