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Canada’s Investors Visa Program: All That You Need to Know

Canada is considered as one of the easiest countries to begin a business in. The country is immensely rich in natural resources, has a stable government and an enormously skilled labor force. If you are thinking seriously about immigrating to Canada as an Investor or Entrepreneur, then this article is just for you. 

You get to choose from several Investor and Entrepreneur Visa options. It also includes start-up Visa Program and the provincial-specific Nominee Program. If everything goes on in a smooth manner, then you will be able to migrate to Canada with your family. The country offers a large number of opportunities to newcomers having the industrial experience to begin, start, or buy a business in Canada. Development and diversification is the major reason for the economical growth. 

Canada’s Investors Visa Program: All That You Need to Know

Canada Immigration Visa Program for Start-ups 

If you are interested in immigrating to Canada as a start-up, then this Visa Program is just for you. You get the perfect opportunity to start a business anyplace in the country. It is important that your business meets the requirements while filing the application. You need to pay attention to the fact that the business is innovative, is able to compete globally and generate jobs for Canadians. When you are waiting for the approval of your application, you can apply for a temporary work permit. It will help in keeping you busy in the country. 

Provincial Nominee Program Entrepreneur and Investor Visa Options

The PNP or Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) gives every territory and province of Canada the authority to invite applicants for coming and living in their borders if they have the work experience and right skills. 


Saskatchewan is situated right in the center of Canada and it takes around two days to reach this place from the United States. It is well connected by rail, air, and road transport infrastructure. The place is perfect for distribution and manufacture industries. Your business gets to enjoy low operating costs here due to the lowest provincial tax in Canada as well as large reserves of resources like mining, forestry, energy, and agriculture sectors.

You can think seriously about setting up a business in this prairie region as it is associated with the third largest percentage of young manpower in Canada. Some of the other provinces are facing issues like an aging workforce. But in Saskatchewan, you do not have to worry about skilled workers who can play a major role in the success of your business. 

Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Category:

You need to have:

  • The net worth of $500,000 CAD (minimum).
  • Three years of business management or entrepreneurial experience or business experience gained in the past 10 years.

Entry Criteria

  • You must be ready to invest 300,000 CAD if your company is in Saskatoon or Regina. If it is situated in any other place, then you need to invest $200,000.

Business Establishment Plan must comprise of

  • Business plan for starting a company in Saskatchewan.
  • Ownership of one-third of the company unless you put in a minimum of $1,000,000 CAD.

Saskatchewan Farm Owner and Operator Category: 

  • A personal worth of a minimum of $500,000 CAD.
  •  Sign a performance agreement to show your capacity to buy as well as operate a farm in the region. 
  • Proposal for the profitable farming opportunity.
  • Have experience in farm operations.
  • Plan a visit to the area at least five working days. 

Saskatchewan Farm Owners and Operators – Young Farmer Stream

    • You need to be younger than 40 years of age.
    • A personal worth of a minimum of $300,000 CAD CAD.
    • Submit a proposal for a commercial farming opportunity in the region.
    • Three years of experience in farm management, farm ownership or practical farming experience.
    • Your spouse or you need to be employable for supplementing the farming income.

If you are interested in earning permanent residence for yourself as well as your family via an entrepreneur or investment visa, you must get in touch with professional (RCICs) Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants and account managers. It is important that all your visa credentials is submitted properly and on time.



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