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High employment rate in Canada has been witnessed in April 2019

The largest employment gain witnessed by Canada this April. When it comes to employment, Canada really enjoyed in the month of April this time, posting the top gain in the net number employment on record.

The number of employment this year in April rose by 10,7000 with notable gains in Quebec, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Alberta.

This sudden hike in employment level surpassed the forecasted increment of 10,000 jobs. This sudden rise in unemployment has helped Canada to reduce its unemployment rate from 5.8 in March to 5.7 percent in April.


High employment rate in Canada has been witnessed in April 2019
High employment rate in Canada has been witnessed in April 2019

According to the year over year basis, the employment numbers rose by 4,26,000 and out of that 2,48,000 full-time jobs.

According to the statistics report of Canada, the employment level rose for individuals aged between 15 to 24 as well as individuals of 55 years old and above. It also includes women aged 25 to 24.

Data shows Higher employment rate in Canada, Availability of Part time Jobs also Increase

As per the media news, the recent employment growth opportunities in Canada reflects the betterment of the economy, pulling in the new workers, including immigrants as well as those who are 24 years old and even younger than that.

Ontario is known to be the most populous province of Canada and it posted and employment height of around 47,000 in the month of April. According to Statistics Canada, this was majorly due to the increase in part-time jobs among individuals ranging in between 15 to 24.

In the Quebec region of Canada, the employment rate surged by 38,000 and unemployment rate suddenly dropped. This is known for being the lowest unemployment rate since the statistics of Canada started compiling data in the year 1976.

On the other hand, New Brunswick in Canada has been the only province witnessed employment decrease in the month of April 2019. The rest of the Canadian provinces witnessed slight changes in employment opportunities.

The recent employment gains in Canada were spread across multiple industries, namely:

Immigrants in Canada belong to following sectors likely to benefit more

  1. Agriculture
  2. Public administration
  3. Culture information and recreation
  4. Construction
  5. Retail and wholesale trade


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