Tips To Secure A Job In Vancouver

These days, there is constant growth in the job market, not to forget the ever-increasing competition, which has raised the bars for the candidates. Candidates must now ensure they are unique and different from the rest.

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Tips To Secure A Job In Vancouver

A few pointers mentioned below will definitely be of great help for every candidate on the lookout for jobs.

  1. Attitude

One needs to have a positive attitude and an open mind. Trust is a quality that employers are on the lookout along with hard work and willingness to learn. Having the right attitude and being able to adapt is the need of the hour!

2. A powerful Resume and Cover Letter

A few countries do not require a cover letter along with your resume, however, in Canada it is a requirement. A strong cover letter which describes your skills, the experience is a plus point and is better if it is specific to the job. People create 4-5 resumes along with different cover letters for different jobs, and that is the key to securing the best job in Canada.

3. Know exactly where to look out for a job

There are many websites where candidates can look out for a job which suits them. Some of the best websites are listed below:

  • Indeed:
  • Craigslist:
  • BCjobs:
  • Workbc:
  • Monster:

If you prefer, you can take your resume and even take a walk in the city, as many companies often place advertisements on their windows. If you are interested in a job and show it in the interview, that connection can get you the job you want. In addition, it an interview also helps to show your skills in English.

4. A LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is another way to get a good job. Make sure you have a professional photograph on it and mention your experience and skill set. This is an online way to secure the job you desire.  If it is your first job, you can always talk about your experience and skills developed while you interned at organizations, and the skills you can offer to the firm.

5. Rigorous Follow Up

Follow up is mandatory. Get the name and contact details of the manager or recruitment in-charge and get in touch with them directly. You can also email them to find out if your application has been received by the firm. This ensures that they always remember your name!

These little pieces of advice are guaranteed to direct you on the right path. Make sure you have an attitude that they cannot refuse!


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