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Australia or New Zealand- Which Country is A Better Place to Stay

While Australia has some great salaries to offer to the people who work in the country, New Zealand renders the residents with a quality life. However, these two places have many things in common also regarding culture, love for sports and outdoor lifestyle. Let us talk about these countries one by one and find out Australia or New Zealand- Which Country is A Better Place to Stay

Australia or New Zealand- Which Country is A Better Place to Stay
The Comparison- Where to Immigrate? Australia Vs New Zealand

New Zealand- with fantastic outdoors, awesome weather, cool lifestyle attracts immigrants

Although the salaries in Australian companies are considered higher, the IT industry of New Zealand is famous for paying better incomes in the sector as compared to Australia. This country is on top of the list for its affordable lifestyle and great standard of living, lower taxes, and providing some excellent business opportunities.

NZ is also famous around the world for the landscapes, fantastic outdoors, awesome weather and people with laid back attitude.

New zealand is also considered one of the best countries to work, enjoy and relax with the abundance of opportunities to work and explore the country.

Australia or New Zealand- Which Country is A Better Place to Stay

Australia- Great Beaches, Higher Income Levels- lures immigrants 

Australia, on the other hand, has better employment opportunities to offer, with higher incomes in almost all the sectors. The standard of living in Australia is quite high, and it is a place that is connected internationally.

While Australia is known for its fascinating beaches and picturesque sceneries, exotic wildlife, the weather of the country is warm. It is culturally more diversified as compared to NZ and offers you an amazing and lavish lifestyle.   

Australia is definitely an excellent option to work and enjoy at the same time. The extra income you earn gives you a better lifestyle, and it is easy to get work and a place to stay in the country.

The Comparison- Where to Immigrate? Australia Vs New Zealand

  • Population

While Australia has a population of more than 24 million people, New Zealand has merely a count of 4.5 million people staying in the country.

  • Safety

Australia is a much safer place to live than New Zealand and many other nations as well.

  • Quality of Life

Australia is ranked 7th amongst all the countries in the world and has a better life to offer to its residents as compared to New Zealand, which is ranked 10th on the quality of life index.

  • Human Development Index (HDI)

HDI is the calculation based on which one can decide how developed any particular country is. As per the report compiled by United Nations in the year 2016, Australia has the second ranking as compared to New Zealand, which has been ranked 13th. Hence, Australia has more advantages to offer to the society and its communities.

  • Taxes

Since the society in Australia is more developed than that of NZ, the taxes to be paid in Australia are much lesser.  

  • Healthcare Index Ranking

The HIR of New Zealand is 4th in the world, while Australia is in the 12th position regarding health stakes. Hence, NZ is a clear winner when it comes to the health of the society.

  • Last but Not the Least; Wi-Fi, and Phone Data

Telecom companies in Australia offer you various fantastic phone data plans with unlimited calls, unlimited texting, and other facilities. On the other hand, in New Zealand, for the same price, you may get very fewer phone data along with limited text and call services.

Free Wi-Fi in NZ is hard to get and even if you get one in a hotel or mall, there are reliability issues.

We believe that both the countries are great and different opportunities and lifestyles to offer to the society. Though they differ in climatic conditions, expenses, job opportunities, and free time activities, both the countries are on the wish list of many people and are in high demand.

Now what do you think Australia or New Zealand- Which Country is A Better Place to Stay? DO write us in the comments section below.


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