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Migration numbers soaring high in New Zealand and the increased net migration in New Zealand

New Zealand has been witnessing a constant growth in its migration records for quite some time now. In the month of May in 2017, the migration records have made another mark in New Zealand. The increased Immigration numbers to Newzealand are being attributed to Stricter Immigration Controls in USA , Australia and Britain thereby leaving few countries with access to easier and faster immigration

Newzealand witnessing increased net Migration- The increase being attributed to restrictions in USA and Australia
Newzealand witnessing increased net Migration- The increase being attributed to restrictions in USA and Australia

Newzealand- is one of few countries with access to easier and faster immigration is witnessing Increased net Immigration numbers

What is the net migration amount in New Zealand according to recent data?

According to recent data, the net migration has struck the amount of 72,000 in the month of May this year. This record was accounted as on 31st May. The shocking incident is that just about a year ago at exactly this time of the year, the net migration did not even touch 70000. It was to be precise 68,400. The number of migrants that arrived in New Zealand were 1, 30,400 and those who departed from New Zealand amounted to 58,400. For only the Month of May, the net gain that was visible in the migration numbers of New Zealand was 5,900 people.

From where did majority migrants come from?

People from different regions come to New Zealand at different times of the year. China holds the first position in terms of migrant arrivals to New Zealand, followed by UK and Australia. But the migrants from India dropped by 31% which includes 40% drop in annual student visa for Indian citizens. Total work visas granted in 2017 were 44,500 with 14% hike and student visas were 23,700 with the same percentage drop.

It is an interesting fact that New Zealand creates a new annual record this year. The number of short-term visitors increased up to 10% in comparison to last year and reached 3.6 million. The increased net migration in New Zealand is really noticeable. Near about 700 years ago the Maori was the first to come, followed by the United Kingdom. The wave of migrants continues in the present days from India, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Why are people migrating to New Zealand?

New Zealand is always considered as an excellent place to live in by the migrants. An amazing thing is that all New Zealanders are migrants, so peoples are heartily welcomed here. Different people come here from time to time.

  1. People choose to come here because it is a developed country with growing economy. The growing industries in the country need a huge number of skilled workers. So the door is always open.
  2. Recently New Zealand ranked second in the list of world’s most peaceful country; it is very serious about its anti-nuclear stance.
  3. Migrants are also attracted due to amazing scenery of lake, forests, stunning bays, mountains.
  4. The best thing is that the country doesn’t divide people according to their class. There is a belief that everyone is unique in their own way, which is again an important reason for the increased net migration in New Zealand.
  5. Sport and outdoor lifestyle is also a point of attraction. The Rugby Union is the national sport in New Zealand. One may enjoy different sports including cricket, soccer, golf, tennis, netball, snowboarding etc.

The conclusion is that New Zealand is suitable for newcomers from every sector. So it’s a dream place for migrants.

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