The Perfect Sample Itinerary for your Canada Visa Application- Will be helpful for Tourist or Temporary Resident Visa

Are you planning a trip to Canada? But have you thought of an itinerary? Without a planned itinerary, your trip may become disoriented. But first of all, for entry into Canada, you need a visa. Once you have got your visa you are all set to embark on this glorious trip. To b sure that you get the Visa issued, it is desirable that you add itinerary to your visa application for Canada. Here is one Perfect Sample Itinerary for your Canada Visa Application

Perfect Sample Itinerary for your Canada Visa Application
Canada Visa Application especially, for Tourist Visa or Temporary Resident Visa requires itinerary. Here is one Perfect Sample Itinerary for your Canada Visa Application

Perfect Sample Itinerary for your Canada Visa Application- you may amend it suitably to attach with your Visa Application for Canada

DAY 1 On the first day you will arrive in New York and take rest for the entire day to gain the energy for the rest of the tour. Head to your hotel and take rest for the night.
DAY 2 On the second day of the tour first visit the Statue of Liberty which is one of the most visited monuments. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the museum. After that take a guide and tour the New York City and visit the World Trade Centre Observatory. Overnight stay in Manhattan.
DAY 3 Next day tour the city of Washington D.C. and visit the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History which has a total of 19 varied museums. Overnight stay in Washington.
DAY 4 Next day visit the magnificent Niagara Falls. Stay at the place till night and enjoy its elegance. Stay for the night in Ontario.
DAY 5 Next day experience the exciting journey behind the falls on the “Hornblower” Cruise. Take a guide and tour the city of Toronto which is well known for its artistic attractions. Later visit the iconic CN tower and pay a visit to the giant pandas at the Toronto Zoo.
DAY 6 Experience a cruise to the famous 1000 islands of Kingston. Later tour the city of Ottawa.
DAY 7 Montreal is the island city with an iconic French history. Its unique festival ambiance will surely entice you.
DAY 8 On the eighth day visit Quebec. One of the most beautiful cities in Canada, Quebec is a mesmerizing port city.
DAY 9 Visit Orlando. Orlando is known by many names but all point to one direction and that is – Orlando is the fun capital of Canada and the world with all its theme parks.
DAY 10 You can either visit Walt Disney or NASA. But either of them will take an entire day.
DAY 11 Epcot is a must visit and plan an entire day to this future city.
DAY 12 Visit Sea World if you want to see the best aquatic park.
DAY 13 Set sail to the Bahamas on an exotic cruise.
DAY 14 Have fun on the cruise and arrive at Nassau.
DAY 15 Spend the entire day on the cruise and bathe in the Sun.
DAY 16 Reach san Francisco and enjoy the city well known for steep hills and hippies.
DAY 17 Enjoy around the city of San Francisco.
DAY 18 Take a flight to Las Vegas – the party town.
DAY 19 Be enchanted with a tour to the great Grand Canyon.
DAY 20 Take a trip to Hollywood Boulevard after heading to Los Angeles.
DAY 21 Pay a visit to Universal Studios Hollywood 0- the theme park which is everyone’s dream.
DAY 22 At last, the magnificent tour comes to an end and it is time for you to fly back home with memories etched in your heart forever.

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