Best Provinces to Find Employment Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants

Canada in-considerably lost more than 21, 00 jobs in the year 2016, as per the stats released in the same year in April. This unemployment rate remained invariably at 7.1% at that time. Since then the trend is somewhat similar. So, find out Best Provinces to Find Employment Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants.

Employment Opportunities in Canada
Best Provinces to Find Employment Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants.

Today Canada is one of the most developed and wealthiest countries, has a stable economy, and has a total unemployment rate of 6.6 percent grossly. However, its various provinces and territories have different unemployment rates.

While the northern region of Canada, Nunavut, has the considerably high unemployment rate of 13.5 percent, Yukon, on the other hand, has the lowest unemployment rate in the entire nation.

Best Provinces to Find Employment Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants

The Primary Employment Sectors in Canada

Canada has a total workforce of nineteen million people. More than 75% of the Canadian population is employed in the service sector of the country. Aircraft production and Motor Vehicle sectors of the manufacturing industry are the major employers to accommodate massive labor force. While manufacturing sector employs 13% of the total workforce of the country, agriculture accounts for only 2 percent share. Agriculture is majorly responsible for the production of fruits, vegetables, oilseeds, and wheat, as well as meat and poultry products. Similarly, construction industry also engages around 6 percent of the entire workforce.

Province Of Canada with the Maximum Unemployment Rate

Since Nunavut has an unemployment rate of 13.5 percent, it is the most affected area of the country. This is one of the latest territories and is not advanced yet as it was brought in existence to save the natives of the country. Irrespective of the fact that there are numerous youngsters in the area, most people do not send their children to school there, and that is why the high school graduation rate is very low. The people of this territory are not much educated and qualified, and hence, they do not get job opportunities. That is the main reason for the highest unemployment rate of Nunavut. In fact, the implementation of commercialization in the area as per their skill sets such as hunting, art, and craft, etc. has also been hard as people from various communities were reluctant to offer support.

Province of the Canada with the Lowest Unemployment Rate

The region of Yukon has the lowest rate of unemployment in the country, i.e., 5.5 percent. Public Administration, construction, accommodation and retails services are the primary sectors for providing the employment opportunities. In addition to this, their economy booms because of the valuable mineral deposits that include gold, silver, lead, and zinc, etc.

Future Forecast Regarding Unemployment in the Country

While the unemployment rate in the year 2016 was calculated to be 7.1 percent, by the Feb 2017, this level of unemployment was reduced to 6.6 percent. On the contrary, it is expected to increase to 7.4 per cent as we go further towards the end of the year. The economy, on the other side, is projected to improve at the rate of 2.4 percent. While various provinces in Canada are looking forward to expanding their economies, they want to minimize the dependency on the uncertain sector like mining and energy. That is the main reason why western territories have lower unemployment rates, which are expected to remain almost same.

Topmost Provinces to Find Employment Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants

Finding a suitable job is one of the most crucial things even before you land in a country like Canada. As per the statistics of the country, the best location for the immigrants between the age group 25-54 is western half of the country to get good employment opportunities, especially for the individuals, who want to settle in the areas such as Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. People who immigrate to these provinces of Canada have the much better rate of employment as compared to immigrants who shift to other regions of the country such as Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto.

Finally !! Where to Land in Canada?

The Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba provinces of Canada have high employment rate because of the shortage of skilled workforce available in these areas. While the cost of living in these territories is economical, their standard of living is very high, as compared to other places. Hence, for the people who want to settle in Canada, these regions have excellent job opportunities for the foreign workers who are qualified and skilled.

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