Five easy and quick ways to get Immigration in USA once you enter illegally

Entering the United States of America without any approval or illegal landing in USA is  not only risky but also completely against the law. And even if you have entered by any means, staying there without a visa or proper authorization is also considered illegal. But the laws of USA do provide some measure by which you can get Immigration in USA and convert your status from being illegal to legal.

get Immigration in USA
How to get Immigration in USA once you enter here illegally

Here are five easy and quick steps to make your illegal landing in USA completely legal and get Immigration in USA:

  1. Marrying a Permanent US Citizen

You will become an immediate relative if you marry a permanent U.S citizen. Being an immediate relative, you will not have to worry about anything else and you will get a green card. If your stay in the country is illegal because your visa has expired and not because you have entered illegally then you have an advantage because then you can apply for the extension of your approval or demand a permanent residence. But if you have entered illegally then you might face some complications only if your family member or your employer hadn’t filed an immigrant visa petition before, in which case you can get get Immigration in USA through marriage.

  1. Past Service in the U.S. Military

If you had served the U.S. Military in the wars that I am going to mention now, then you will be able to get a citizenship at once without any complications. The wars are World War I, World War II, the Vietnam hostilities, the Korean hostilities, Operation Enduring Freedom and the Persian Gulf War. If you had been in these events then you don’t even have to apply for anything or undergo any procedures to get immigration in USA.

  1. Applying for Cancellation of Removal- applicable if you had been in USA for more than 10 years and have no criminal records

If somehow you are caught by the police for illegal stay in U.S.A only then apply for the cancellation of removal but you need to prove a few things like-

  • you had been in U.S.A physically for a continued period of last 10 years,
  • you had no criminal records and were morally a good person during you past stay period,
  • your removal from the country would harm your immediate close ones and so on.

You will need a good lawyer but never apply this cancellation on your own to get Immigration in USA unless you are caught by the police.

  1. Apply for a stay in the asylum

If you can qualify to stay in the asylum then after a year you can apply to stay in U.S.A and another four years later you can even apply for permanent residency. But for that, you need to give valid proof to show that you have a fear of persecution in your own country due to some valid reasons.

  1. Get a Temporary Protected Status

If your native country is at Civil War, or a tremendous natural disaster or any other situation that may make it unsafe to return then you can receive a TPS or Temporary Protected Status from the US government. This is not any approval for your stay or will get Immigration in USA but with this, you can stay for at most 18 months in the U.S.

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