Consider Immigrating to Canada under Self-Employed Farmer Stream for Canada Immigration

Under the Provincial Nominee Program of Canada, the government allows permanent residency to those foreign nationals who were nominated by the registered provinces individually. The various provincial nominee programs in Canada include these provinces – Nova Scotia, Alberta, Manitoba, Yukon, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Ontario and North West Territories. Now before applying the applicant has to choose a category through which he or she wants to apply. Among the several categories provided by the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program, the self-employed farmer stream is one of them.

Self-Employed Farmer Stream
Certain Provinces in Canada offer Immigration under Self-Employed Farmer Stream

Eligibility criteria of the Self-Employed Farmer Stream

  1. You must have a proper proof regarding the fact that you had already worked at a managerial post from a farming business and thus have good farm management skills.
  2. You must have a valid financial documentation which would prove your involvement as a manager in a farm business.
  3. You should also have legit documentation regarding your education, skills, work experience and also a proof which would signify any training that you have received regarding farm management.
  4. You must have proposed a business plan regarding the farming business you want to join in the province of Alberta and produce the plan to the authorities to reveal your management skills.
  5. You must also have sufficient proof that would support your claim that a reputed financial institution of Canada will willingly fund you for the investment you want to make in the farming business of Alberta.
  6. To develop a financially stable farming operation you must give the proof of your financial resources.
  7. You must hold the capability to invest a certain amount in the proposed farming business in the province of Alberta. This sum should be minimum $500,000 CAD of equity.
  8. Just saying that you can invest such an amount would not be enough. You need to possess valid documentation which would state that you have access to such an amount or you have resources which can provide such an amount.
  9. The amount stated is the minimum limit. When time comes, you may need to invest more than $500,000 CAD and you must show the proof that you can afford to do so.
  10. At first, you will have to invest your resources in a primary production among the farming businesses of your choice in the province of Alberta.
  11. The investments you intent to do must be included in the business plan that you will propose.
  12. The applications which will show more chances of growth in the agri-food targets of Alberta will be given more priority than the others.

Self Employed Farmer Stream offers simple and quick way of immigrating to Canada. People under removal order or already working as caregivers are not eligible under the stream

Who cannot apply for the Self-Employed Farmer Stream?

  1. The individuals who have got themselves involved as refugee claimants or are involved in a removal process and those involved in a federal appeal.
  2. The individuals who are presently living in Canada as live-in caregivers
  3. The foreign workers who are in any other province other than Alberta temporarily.
  4. The international students who have come for their internships or for their co-op work placements.
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