Deported from US? What to do now? Find out here

United States, 13th December: Deported from US? What to do now? Find out here.

How long should one wait before returning to the US?

Deported from US?
Deported from US?

Deported from US? What to do now?-– Deported from US? What to do now? How to Return back to the US after deportation or removal is an important question for those getting deported.

If you have been removed from the US due to overstaying your US visa or violation of the US visa status, then returning to the US is an important issue to be considered.

“ Are you removed from the US and want to know when can you look forward to return to the US?. Let us find out here. “

You shall have to wait for a specified period before trying to return. It all depends on the reason for which you were ordered deportation.

Reasons for deportation from the US

  • If you were ordered deportation or removal from the US, then you need to remain outside the US for five/ten/twenty years.
  • In some instances, you might not be able to return to the US at all.
  • Meanwhile, some deported people can move back to the US on a US visa even before the expiry of the required time they need to spend outside the US. for this, you need to know the circumstances pertaining your removal order.
  • You must know the options available for you and the type of waiver you may require.

How to Check whether an order for removal was issued—You need to know whether an order of removal was issued or not. Only then can you find out when can you return to the US. Were you told to go to the US immigration court? Can you remember if it happened at all?

It is quite possible that a deportation or removal order was given by an IJ without you being present there or being informed about it. In some instances, an IJ can grant voluntary departure. This enables the non-citizens to leave the US before a set period or date.

If you leave the US by that period, then you can certainly avoid having a removal order issued by the US. Otherwise, the voluntary departure automatically gets converted to an order of removal.

Circumstances of removal determine how much should you wait to come back to the US—

  • Five year ban—Being summarily removed/deported upon arrival at any US port of entry on being found inadmissible/removed/deported after placed in removal proceedings means a five year ban on US return.
  • Ten year ban—A ten year ban is there if an IJ had issued a removal order at conclusion of removal hearing in Immigration Court.
  • A twenty ban for getting deported and attempting to reenter the US before expiry of ten-year ban.
  • Permanent ban—a permanent ban on being convicted of any aggravated felony, entered without permission after removal/unlawfully reentered the US after having been in the US unlawfully for more than a year.


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