Is Fire Stocked By Trump Against Immigrants Spreading To Other Countries? Will Canadian Immigration Be Affected From This Fire and For How Long?

Mr. Donald John Trump has been elected as 45th President of US. Since then the nation is experiencing many changes in various policies since Mr. Trump is elected as President. Some of the citizens are in favor of his policies, and the others are not. Canadian immigration seems to be looking forward to updates as such.

Recently Mr. Trump has recently released an executive order to suspend refugees’ resettlements and to ban the immigration of people from seven Muslim nations. He also fired few officials who were not in favor of this decision and considered it as illegal.

The main reason for doing this, as per Mr. Trump, is that majority of criminals in the US are immigrants. These criminals include murders, Drug Mafia and even more intense criminals. All these criminal activities are carried on by immigrants who get in the US illegally.

Many people support Mr. Trump on this decision of his. However, there are still a large number of people who are not in favor this decision and are planning to move to Canada. The immigration department has seen a dramatic increase in immigration applications after this declaration by Mr. Trump. However, there is no leniency in immigration process due to this.

  • Only the people who work under NAFTA are feeling a bit privileged.
  • Some so many people announced that they would leave the US if Trump is elected as President.
  • Due to this reason also, there is a large increase in the number of people who are willing to move to Canada.
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In such scenario, it is highly recommended to hire an immigration expert or lawyer to help you with all the formalities and documentation required for immigration. People who are not able to get immigration permission to the US will surely opt for Canada. As it is very close to the US and has same culture and infrastructure.

Canadian Immigration
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What does Canada think about Canadian Immigration?

Canada as always is open for immigrants. However, the process of immigration to Canada is not that simple. So, Trump winning the Presidential election and his resistance to immigrants will cause the rise in immigration applications for Canada.

Moreover, the Canadian citizens who have dual citizenship (citizenship of their parent country and citizenship of Canada as well) are not banned from moving to US, Even if these Canadian citizens are from the countries that are banned.

Mr. Trump has declared 90 days’ ban as one of his anti-terror measures. So it is expected to see the rise in Canadian immigration application at least for this period, and this may also continue for a longer duration. The people, who are not allowed to enter the US directly, will go for Canadian citizenship as Canadian citizens with dual citizenship are allowed to enter the US.

Therefore, these factors will result in a great number of people applying for Canadian Immigration. The website for Canadian Immigration application is experiencing a large traffic over last few weeks. There is a great rise in the number of Americans who are looking for jobs in Canada. Also, the employment portals are experiencing great traffic as people are visiting to change their job location preferences and applying for jobs in Canada.

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It seems that this decision of Trump will restrict people from visiting the US and will make them choose Canada as their option. The government of Canada will have to do a lot to manage this upsurge in a number of applicants willing to visit their country.

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