Canada Immigration Changes to Benefit International Students, Families

Canada, 9th September: Canada immigration changes to benefit international students, families.

Yes, that is quite true.

Canada Immigration Changes to Benefit International Students, FamiliesCanada immigration changes to benefit international students, families—Canada immigration changes to benefit international students, families. Yes. This is a reality. Canada immigration changes will be benefitting international students and families.

“ New Canada immigration rules will benefit international students and families. “

As per the details, new Canada immigration rules will reduce wait-times for family reunification. This was revealed by Canada Refugees and Citizenship minister John McCallum.

New easier Canada immigration policies this Fall—From this fall, new easier Canada immigration policies shall be introduced. Yes, these will make it easier for  international students pursuing post-secondary education to get Canada citizenship. This was revealed by John McCallum.

In addition, there will be other reforms as well, said the minister. These could be allowing increased number of immigrants to Canada, quicker processing of applicants for family reunification program. Also, there could be increased funding for resettlement programs.

International students happen to be among the highly promising group of immigrants. After all, they can speak English/French, are young and know about Canada. So, more points shall be given to them under Express Entry. Hence, it will become easier for them to get Canada permanent residency, McCallum briefed.

Up to 305,000 newcomers to be admitted in 2016—The Liberals plan to admit nearly 305,000 newcomers in the current year. In addition, nearly 20,000 Canada visas in Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship application category will be provided this year.

Top priority is to reduce processing times for families, said McCallum. He said that efforts are being made to reduce the inventory of people waiting. A new system shall be announced in fall leading to reduced processing times for family reunification.

Government plans to create incentives and job opportunities for new immigrants to settle in provinces. Government plans to work with companies and communities across Canada to make sure they are immigrant friendly.

Canada needs more immigrants. Canada will continue to welcome immigrants to build the nation. that’s especially more important keeping in view the ageing population of Canada, the minister briefed.


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