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Canada, 9th September: Let us see some important Canada immigration questions and answers here now.

So, let us begin now.

Canada Immigration Questions and answersCanada immigration questions and answers—Canada immigration questions and answers are being discussed here now. Let us see these for the information of all Canada immigration aspirants and immigrants.

“Let us some important Canada immigration questions and answers here now. “

Do I need a Canada Temporary Resident Visa or an Eta for visiting Canada by air?—Well, foreign visitors to Canada by air need an eTA or a TRV(Temporary Resident Visa) before their flight to Canada. For all visa-exempt travellers to Canada from 29th September, 2016, eTA system will be compulsory.

When is Canada Parent and Grandparent Program reopening?—Well, this is for the information of all Canada Parent and Grandparent Program aspirants. It will be reopening on 3rd January, 2017. Yes, that is true. It will have an annual cap of 10,000 new applications. It may be worth notable that the program has been a popular immigration stream. So, the demand is going to be quite high even now. This means intake caps shall be filled quite early after opening. It could be within a period of one day too.

Canada Super Visa—Canada Super Visa is yet another option for all Canada permanent residents and Canada citizens wanting to bring their grandparents or parents to Canada. Yes. It enables parents and grandparents to come to Canada by sponsorship from their children or grandchildren.

It allows grandparents and parents to come as long term visitors. It allows multiple entries for ten years. Canada Super Visa enables individuals to live in Canada for two years. A multiple entry Canada Temporary Resident Visa allows the holder to stay for six months per entry in Canada.

Will Canada allow increased number of new immigrants in coming years?—Will Canada allow more new immigrants to come and live and work here? Well, this is a common query of many aspiring Canada immigrants. The fact is that Canada immigration minister John McCallum wants to welcome more and more immigrants in coming years.

The details about these plans will be published by the end of this year. Government of Canada will outlay its plan of immigration soon.


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