Relief there for Immigrants to Canada when they get mistreated by employer

Advisory for immigrants when there is a mistreatment by employer and the policies involved for protecting them in Canada are discussed below

Immigration has played a vital part in building Canada’s identity. The nation has used immigration as a strategy to encourage economic growth. Canada is a classic country of immigrants and most of the population in Canada consists of immigrants who come there looking for life and livelihood. According to CIC, nearly 200,000 immigrants migrate to Canada every year. Thus, immigration policies continue to prevail and stay relevant in a country where every one of four people born is immigrant from another Country.

advisory for immigrants


The Immigration and Refugee protection Act and the Multiculturalism Act directly define the bounds of the immigration system in Canada. The objective of this Act is to organise and shape the immigrant lives and make sure there rights are protected. In Ontario, the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration is responsible for immigrants at provincial level.
It is their duty to maintain better practices and partnerships regarding the methods of integration of immigrants to relevant native policies.


Any immigrant working in Canada is entitled to certain benefits in Canada. Your employer must pay you for your work, make sure the workplace is habitable and safe and they cannot take your passport or work permit from you under any circumstances. Every employer and employee must sign a legal contract of work that lists in detail the nature, terms and conditions of employment. The conditions should clearly state the number of hours you will work each week and how much you will be paid. This contract must be followed very strictly both by the employer and the employee. A copy of the contract must be retained safely by you at all times.
If the employer wishes to terminate you, then he must give a written notice to terminate you or pay you a severance before he tells you to quit your job. However, if your contract is only for a specific period, then he does not need to give the notice of termination at the end of such a period.
You can also refuse to work at a dangerous place under dangerous circumstances unless such danger is removed.


Employment rights for immigrants are well protected in the Canadian immigrant policies. An employer who mistreats an employee cannot get away with such and act and it is the duty and responsibility employee to report such a violation.


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