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A Global Welcome for Millionaire Immigrants

United States, 28th February: A global welcome for millionaire immigrants is being offered by all leading countries which happen to be hot destination for immigrants

So, if you have money to invest, immigration to each and every country is open for you.

Millionaire immigrants get a warm welcome.
World gives a red-carpet welcome for millionaire immigrants.

Global welcome for millionaire immigrants

When it comes to immigration, there is a red-carpet welcome for millionaire immigrants worldwide. Yes. As per the last year’s figures, nearly 82,000 millionaires immigrated to another nation, reveals a latest study.

Wealthy immigrants are being wooed by host nations with best possible policies.

By millionaires, we mean those who have not less than $1 million in assets apart from their primary home. As per latest figures, there are nearly 13.6 million millionaires the world over.

Millionaires look for personal safety along with good education for their children when deciding the nation to move and live in, states Andrew Amoils from New World Wealth. Climate, cleanliness and health care are other top factors for rich foreigners wanting to immigrate to any nation.

Australia top nation for millionaire immigrants

Australia is officially ranked as the top destination for millionaire immigrants. Australia has pushed down the US for the second consecutive year, the New World Health figures show. In the year 2016, around 11,000 millionaires move to Australia.

The US recorded immigration of 10,000 millionaire immigrants coming to live in the US in the same year. With a total of 8,000 millionaire immigrants moving to Canada, it is now ranked third while UAE(United Arab Emirates) and New Zealand are ranked fourth and fifty respectively.

You will also be interested in knowing the names of nations from which millionaires are moving out. France is on the top of the list of such nations followed by China, Brazil, India and Turkey.

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Australia woos millionaire immigrants with its attractive investment immigration policies

Australia lures millionaire immigrants with its lucrative investment immigration policies.

It has some very attractive immigration investment programs including—

  • Money-for-visa programs for enabling simpler immigration for millionaire immigrants. It also enables them gain Australia citizenship ultimately.
  • A “Golden-ticket” investor visa program allowing fast-track and simpler residency for permanent Australia visa. Millionaires are required to make an investment of $5 million(Australian dollars) for getting qualified under this immigrant investor program. Known as “Special Investor Visa”, it has already welcomed around 1,300 wealthy immigrants. Out of these, nearly 90 percent hail from China.
  • An investor visa program enables foreigners to make an investment of $1 million(Australian dollars) for getting qualified. Meanwhile, it has somewhat tougher conditions while taking more time for getting a permanent Australia visa.

Millionaires are said to be attracted to the sunny lifestyle of Australia along with the nation’s high rated health care system considered better than the one in the US or the UK. Its geographic isolation from the controversies rife in the Middle East and Europe makes Australia a great and a safe nation for living and raising kids.

Australia is attracting increasing number of immigrant investors from nations like China, India, Singapore and South Korea as it’s a great base for doing business in the above named nations.

Canada another attractive nation for millionaire immigrants

Canada happens to be yet another attractive country for millionaire immigrants globally. Canada’s 10-year-visas are highly lucrative option for wealthy immigrants wanting to invest and get Canada residency. No wonder, the number of 10-year-visas issued to Chinese nationals has quadrupled to 337,000 between the years 2012 and 2016.

Canada offers better education opportunities for enhancing careers and attracts increasingly high number of millionaire immigrants every year.

US still a highly favored destination for immigrant investors

Immigrant investors still consider the US a highly favored destination. In the year 2016, the US welcomed 10,000 foreign millionaires.

This year too expects a high number of millionaires immigrating to the US as the new US immigration policies are not going to affect foreign investors by any means.


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