Scam Artists Impersonating as Immigration Agents, Warns New York

United States, 20th February: New York has warned about scam artists impersonating as immigration agents and demanding money for favors. It seems the US immigration crackdown by US President Donald Trump is proving to be a big boon for con artists.

Scam Artists Impersonating Immigration Agents- New York
Scam Artists Impersonating Immigration Agents, –New York

Scam artists impersonating immigration agents

Immigrants in the US who are already fearful of deportation are facing yet another threat. This is from scam artists posing as immigration agents and demanding money or threatening deportation.

As per a latest warning by New York Attorney General Schneiderman, all immigrant families need to be careful after increasing reports of scam artists impersonating immigrant officials (ICE-Immigration and Customers Enforcement) came to the notice. It may be noted that in recent weeks, there has been increased number of government deportation raids.

New York has warned immigrants in the US of staying alert and not falling prey to Con-Men posing as immigration agents.

Reports of in-person encounters along with unsolicited calls have been received by Schneiderman’s office. Hence, all immigrant communities are being urged to protect themselves by having awareness about such potential scams. If they suspect any such fraud, the immigrants must contact the ICE office immediately, Schneiderman warned. All available tools are, meanwhile, being used to catch those who commit such fraud against immigrant communities, he added.

Common forms of  US immigration scams being employed by Such Scam Artists impersonating immigration agents

  1. Asking money or threatening deportation is what fake ICE agents seem to be using to rob innocent immigrants. It may be relevant to note that ICE agents never ask for money or threaten deportation for not paying money. ICE agents don’t have the permission to enter anyone’s home without any warrant duly signed by a judge.
  2. Legitimate government officials never ask any payment over the phone. Hence, immigrants must be aware of such people posing as ICE agents asking any personal or sensitive information, demanding payment and threatening deportation on non-compliance of such conditions.
  3. It may be noted that only licensed attorneys have the authority to provide legal help in the US.
  4. Immigrants must be wary of individuals falsely claiming as attorneys or suggesting to be having the authority to appear before the US immigration court or immigration agencies.
  5. Some individuals may make fake promises of knowing employees at immigration offices for expediting clients’ application processing. For this, they may demand high fee for such special services.
  6. In cases of misinformation fraud, any provider may provide false or inaccurate information to the immigrant regarding his or her eligibility for adjustment of status under any particular law. In such cases, the immigrant is unaware of being a victim of fraud until they get a letter of ineligibility from US immigration officials.

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