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The Favourite Routes Of Immigrants Entering The USA Illegally

It has been a long while since migrants from different countries such as Canada, Middle East, and Africa look forward to entering the USA illegally. The surprising thing is that the USA is taking legal refugees per year around 70,000 to 110,000 from various countries. However, these numbers are not satisfactory for migrants. This leads to the illegal entry in the USA.

How do the Immigrants Enter the USA Illegally

Now, the real question is how these migrants mange entering the USA illegally.

  1. People from Canada access these routes to enter the United States. There are several routes to enter in the USA, which is popular among immigrants. They are mentioned below:
  2. You may not be aware of the fact that Mexico government provides the 20-day cost-free pass to such migrants to the U.S. border.
  3. Migrants prefer to go through Latin America to reach Mexico and then it becomes easier to enter in the USA.
  4. Some of the migrants from Africa travel to Ecuador and Brazil because in these countries visa restrictions are less, which makes an entry to the USA
  5. The most popular way is to enter the USA via Mexico-US border.

Are You Wondering How Much It Cost to enter US Illegally?

Well, to understand it you have to consider all the routes one takes.

  1. If you are entering in the USA with the help of human smugglers, then it may cost you $1000. However, if you consider all the expenses on the way, then you will have to pay around $10,000.
  2. Another way for entering the USA illegally and then paying for the immigrant bond. This bond may cost you between $1,500 and $25,000.

What Happens to You if You Get Caught while Entering The USA Illegally?

Well, to answer this question there is a slight change after the US president election. President Obama has implemented a policy named “catch and release.” This had introduced an open season for all the migrants from various countries. However, it is known that this option will no longer be available after the Trump has become the president.

Now, What Do You Understand by Catch and Release Policy of USA?

According to this policy, if the undocumented immigrant is caught then ICE deportation officer decides if the person needs to be placed into removal proceedings. In case, if the officer is determined then what charges shall be applied to the immigrant.

In most of the cases, charges are overstaying a non-immigrant visa or unlawful entry in the USA. After this, the deportation officer sends a notice to appear in the immigration court and you. You have a right to visit the immigration judge after receiving the notice to appear.

You should be well aware that immigration judge is there to give you a fair justice and the judge does not work with ICE. If you are not satisfied with the charges, then you can raise question against it.

Now, What Happens in the Cases of Immigrants caught by Immigration?

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In most of the cases, it takes a long while. It can be years too. If you do not sign an agreement of your deportation, do not have a prior order for removal and if you do not depart voluntarily, then you will not be deported from the country. It is so because you are caught.

  • One more thing you will not be aware of is a bond. In case you are in immigration custody then you are asked by the immigration officer if you are allowed to pay the bond or not. This bond allows you to return to your home in the USA only till the removal proceedings are pending.
  • However, if you miss your immigration hearing or if you are a danger to the community, then it may be possible that the immigration officer will not grant you a bond.
  • If the bond is not granted to you, then you can ask the immigration judge to reconsider their decision. You can also raise a question if the pay is very high.

There are several other methods to enter the USA as presented below illegally:

  • Some of the people get the visitor visa of USA. Although they get an official US visa, they overstay the visa and go underground. This is one of the popular routes for entering the USA
  • Some of the people choose to get married to a USA citizen to get citizenship of this country. You can consider this as the easiest way to enter in the USA.

Final Word- 80%of the illegal Immigrants escape deportation

  1. In 80% of the cases, such illegal immigrants, especially from Canada are never deported.
  2. They get the permission for a temporary stay, and after years they demand to stay by claiming that they have been there for years and they have their job and family.

I hope the blog regarding favorite routes of immigrants entering the USA illegally has provided you adequate information. Thank you!


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