Immigration Frauds

America- The breeding ground for a plethora of scams

Taking note of Trump’s “Make in America” initiative and the growth it has resulted in, in various sectors of the economy, America is becoming a new hub of increasing job opportunities.  So they called America- The breeding ground for a plethora of scams.

America- The breeding ground for a plethora of scams
America- The breeding ground for a plethora of scams

Increasing opportunities are making America- The breeding ground for a plethora of scams-

Well, for the citizens of various nations growth rate is the crucial factor for moving in the country which results in increasing number of jobs hence the desire to score a role in the American continent is rising among the masses leading to various scams, i.e., loopholes created by the people to score a job by hook or by crook.

Spouse Visa Scam- Cases of Fake Marriages are on rising-

One such scam recently witnessed was “Spouse Visa scam”. As per an official American authority, there has been a significant increase in the number of applications of Spouse Visa wherein one of the people is from Soviet Asia and is dependent on the other half who is American Citizen.

Immigrants are using different Tricks to enter the Country-

As per an official representative of Homeland Security Investigation, the authorities themselves are amused and bewildered to see the tricks immigrants are coming up with, to dodge the legitimacy of the norms and procedures.
For instance, in Florida, individuals belonging to well-off families pay for false documents and easily access the back-channels to enter the country, portraying it as a legitimate way meanwhile those belonging to weaker sections travel via boat from either Bahamas or Carribean to work in the nation in sectors such as Hospitality, Agriculture and construction.

Adverse Impacts lead to Cancellation of Special Status policy-

US administration seems to have been taken back because of such scams; one such adverse impact happened due to this was cancellation of Special Status policy to Cuban migrants who were earlier granted a special immigration status after their arrival and post that the eligibility to apply for permanent residentship within 366 days. This policy was revoked under Obama’s Presidency in January 2017.

US employers hiring Employees with fake documents to do cost cutting-

Often US business owners and other employers end up hiring people with a phony record, mostly are befooled by their authenticity meanwhile another turn a blind eye to save out on the cost; giving rise to the practice of counterfeit documents.
However, the US administration has become more vigilant and is taking active steps to curb the menace caused by the scam. As per an official report, there is an increase of 30% in the number of arrests by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement; Florida is at the top for having the highest number of arrests.

A contrast can be traced in the norms and approach of Trump & Obama administration, under Trump’s regime the number of arrests is increasing as crimes of all degrees are rising on the other hand, Obama administration focused on grave matters.

To Overcome the Frauds- HIA comes with Whistleblowing Policies

The Homeland Investigation Agency is promoting healthy practices such as Whistleblowing policies, promoting and safeguarding the interests of the whistleblower- the person who reports a crime happening in his vicinity.

Along with this many other steps are also being taken to reduce the fraudulent activities, rules for filtration are made stricter so that forging isn’t easy.

The newly alleged wedding bells scam is considered to have made its place in the roots of the society, elimination of which would be difficult but not an impossible task.


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