Scope of Indian Engineer Immigrating to Canada

Finding a job for Indian engineers in Canada may be quite different than India. You may find it difficult to find requirements of Canadian employers. This guide is all about the helpful tips if you are an Indian Engineer Immigrating to Canada find better engineering jobs in Canada.

Does Indian Engineer Immigrating to Canada requires to study engineering again?

When Indian engineer immigrates to Canada, he need not study the course again. However, there are few things they need to do:

  • It is mandatory for all international Indian engineers who have migrated to Canada, to go through a licensing process.
  • All the internationally trained graduates are supposed to contact the local licensing body in your territory.
  • You need to enroll yourself in Engineering International-Education Assessment Program.
  • In this program, you will be assessed for your skills and knowledge. This program is eight weeks long.

Once the engineers qualify this program, they are assigned P. Eng. designation.

Does Indian Engineer Immigrating to Canada need to get any equivalence?

There are many trained Indian engineers who immigrate to Canada, to build their career. But the problem is that each and every country or state has different syllabus for engineering. Therefore, in Canada, all the trained engineers from all over the world have to qualify a licensing program.

By the time they get a license, they may work under a licensed engineer. This process seems a bit unfair for the engineers who have years of experience and have to struggle to get a license to work in Canada.

How much do engineers in Canada earn?

Engineers earn well in Canada. Even a fresher earns a good income in Canada. Mining engineer having an experience of 1-3 years can earn up to $91,000. Mining engineers are the most paid among all the engineering discipline.

Also, the salary depends on the cities in which the Indian engineers are employed. Mining engineers are paid well in Calgary, as it is near to large oil and gas companies and their headquarters. Also, in Vancouver, the salaries are high as the cost of living is high there.

Problems and Perks associated with Engineering Job in Canada

Indian Engineer Immigrating to Canada
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  • The main problem or barrier for working in Canada is the P. Eng. License. You must have this license to pursue your career as an engineer.
  • You have to join a licensing program that is completed in eight weeks. And, then after qualifying that you get a license.
  • Also, you must have been working under some licensed P. Eng. Holder engineer.

Once you satisfy these conditions, you are allowed to work as an engineer in Canada.

But, on the other hand, there are many benefits of earning this license.

  • You will be legally declared as Engineer, and you can practice this profession on your own.
  • You get a global recognition as this P. Eng. The license is valid in many parts of the world.
  • Apart from that, you get a handsome salary as well.

Summing Up

It is not that difficult for an Indian engineer to Immigrate to Canada. The main thing to be taken care is that you must qualify for P. Eng. License. Once you get this license, you have a vast range of career options in Canada.


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