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Nine Tips to Get Job Offer in Canada While Applying for Immigration

Canada proposes an easy and friendly immigration policy as a tool to promote economic development, counter economic slowdown. Accordingly, the number of immigrants’ intake has been increased to 3000,000, which is an increase of over 7% over the last year’s figures. However, most immigrants to Canada have to struggle for first few months on How to get job offer in Canada. The tips below can help you get Job Offer faster once you have immigrated to Canada

Getting Job Offer in Canada
Getting Job Offer in Canada

“More immigrants would be better for Canada, as they would contribute to the Economic growth and overall development,” said Canada’s Immigration minister, John Mc Cullum.

The Canadian government has been devising its immigration policy around this opinion that Immigrants would help boost Canada’s economy and would help counter the recessionary trends of the economy.

Accordingly, many easy and fast immigration schemes are now available for aspirants with a Canadian dream. The express entry scheme helps Immigrants move into Canada in less than a year.

With more than 500 points under the express entry scheme about 1936 candidates got a chance to apply under this scheme in the year 2016, anyone, whether living within Canada or outside of Canada are eligible to apply for immigration under the express entry scheme.

Finding Jobs in Canada While Applying for Immigration from Outside Canada

  1. Adapting to Canadian way- Candidates living in Canada have a slight edge over those applying for Immigration from outside of Canada.  Those applying from within Canada get a chance to meet potential employers regularly network, make connections, upgrade skills and find jobs faster. Try to adapt to Canada way of life faster to get the good Job Offer. Among others, one of the essential is to change the way you speak English to Canadian way
  2. Be prepared to move away to City Outskirts- Proper planning is the key to finding a job in Canada, the availability of jobs varies from province to province. Be prepared to move to outskirts of major city for better jobs. It is here that new industry and Job opportunities are coming up
  3. getting registered on various Job Portals- Gathering right information is important step in beginning your Canadian job hunt. You can search various jobs sites to know the occupations in demand and those professions where skilled people are not easily available.
  4. Make a Killer Job Resume- It is important that you create best first impressions. Resume or Curriculum Vitae is important in attracting the attention of potential employers. Potential employers receive thousands of such resumes and spend only a few seconds reviewing these resumes. Make sure your resumes stands out in the crowd and makes an impression on the employer reviewing it.
  5. A Good Social Profile will help- Research the demands of the labor market using various online and offline resources. Display all the technical and inter personal skills. Prepare social media profiles such as LinkedIn, etc., that stands testimony to your professional experience and your achievements.
  6. Value Addition to Organization- Your resume should not only highlight your skills, expertise, but also display the value you would bring to the new organization.
  7. Better Communication Skills- Improve your language skills, hone your English communication skills, and learn basic to intermediate French language skills.
  8. Networking- Finally, Networking is a KEY element. It helps if you know the right people who can help you in the job hunt. Networking with various job placement agencies will go a long way in helping you find a job quick.
  9. Hire a Good Placement Agency– These agencies can arrange Job Interviews with potential employers and do a good spade work

Make sure that you check about the available job opportunities, your chances of getting jobs, etc., by communicating directly with such connections. You can also schedule an online interview, discussion even before landing in Canada, and fix an appointment for personal meet when you land in Canada.

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