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Seven Good Reasons why you should Immigrate to Canada from India

Is moving to Canada from India worth it?

Of course, yes! After all, it is a Land of Opportunities!

Moving to Canada means living in one of the most secure and safe nations on the planet. The perks of being the citizen of this amazing country aren’t limited to enjoying scenic beauty or gaining access to nature’s dazzling display (the Natural Lights). Here is the list of Seven Good reasons why you should Immigrate to Canada from India-

1. Economic Stability and Strength

Canada being one of the strongest economies in the world offers a wide selection of career options for the ambitious expats. The country’s economy stands on the top among the most stable economies listed by the World Economic Forum. It outranked for seven consecutive years. Commendable, yeah! A strong economy like this that serves as the bedrock of country’s banking system is sure to offer extended financial security and good quality of life to its citizens. Of all the G20 nations, Canada boasts the highest standard of living. Immigration to Canada from India will be high advantageous, indeed.

7 Good reasons to Move to Canada
7 Good reasons to Move to Canada

2. High-value to Education

Canada not only values education but also ensures best-in-class schooling to all its young citizens irrespective of their background. No other country spends as much as the Canadian government. This is one of the main reasons for the outperformance of Canadian children across the board. The country offers great career opportunities for the potential people. Also, there are various benefits and programs offered by the government include funding opportunities for graduate students scholarships and grants at doctoral and postdoctoral levels as well as for disabled persons, support for apprentices, etc.

3. Family Benefits

Canada is among those few countries that offer countless benefits to the families in order to help them raise their children better. From raising a disabled child to various Employment Insurance benefits like parental and maternity leave, survivor’s pension, Missing children grant, Victim funding and services, Federal income support for the parents of murdered child- these and much more. Canadian government offers best possible help to its citizens.

4. Low Crime Rate 

Violent crime is rare in Canada and the rate of gun owners is almost three times lower than the United States. The country’s southern neighbours are envious about this, eh! Well, if a country performs well in making its citizens feel secure and safer then Gun ownership is sure to be lower. This has resulted in an upsurge of Canada’s global reputation. The country was bestowed the OECD Better Life Index award in 2014 for securing 9.7 out of 10 in security and safety. Plus, the stringent and lengthy process of obtaining a firearm license has resulted in low Gun ownership rate.

5. Fairest Healthcare System

Yet another great advantage of being a Canadian. Medical treatment in Canada is almost free as it is funded by government taxes at the point of use. Each province of the country has a health budget for local health administration and issuing health cards to the eligible residents. However, at times, there can be lengthy for some procedures, but this isn’t really a big price for accessing some of the best treatment methods and facilities in the world. The various healthcare benefits offered by Canadian government include allowance for people aged 60 to 64, allowance for survivor, etc.

 6. Beautiful and Big

Canada covers almost 10 million square kilometres of the global space, which makes it the world’s second largest country. Moreover, it comprises some of the best scenic beauties of the world. Your holidays and weekends will be packed with exciting adventures and spectacular wilderness like skiing, kayaking, hiking, and whale watching.

Canada will also offer you the opportunity of attaining the unique experience of swimming with polar bears and sleeping in an ice hotel. What’s more? Canada’s total population ranges around 35 million people, which means there is plenty of room for all the residents out there. You could easily find a reasonably priced housing anywhere across the country.

Also, you may gain various housing benefits like Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program, GST/HST new housing rebate, Home Adaptations for Seniors’ Independence Program.

7. Other Factors why you should Immigrate to Canada from India

Canada’s natural wealth serves as a strong foundation for its stable economy. The country earns impressive GDP from the gas and oil industry, copper, gold, uranium and iron ore. Furthermore, Canada will offer you a sophisticated combination of multiple cuisines. Waves of immigration from South America, Europe, and Asia have enriched and enhanced the country’s culinary scene in the country. Overall, immigration to Canada from India will leave you with a healthier, happier, and prosperous life.

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